1. E

    Actually a DIY repair but not specifically tractor related

    I have an old B. F. Barnes lathe that was probably made in the late 1890s and certainly no later than 1906. I have been acquiring age appropriate stuff to go along with it, stuff that was made no later than 1906. The lathe itself is in very good shape, not just cosmetically but also...
  2. D

    Any smaller DIY mechanical thumb plans available?

    Just wondering if there are any diy mechanical thumb plans available for my 354 chinick tractor with a lw8 backhoe? I’ve found some kits on Ann but they are a weld together type so I thought I might as well just fab one up myself if possible, scrap metal being available locally.
  3. S

    Pallet fork width adjustment

    So I found an old set of pallet forks on our property. I removed the mounting brackets (allis-chalmers) on them, and added a quick-attach bracket. The left fork adjusts in/out to change the spacing between the two forks. The problem is that the sliding is really rough in some spots and loose in...
  4. AirOpsMgr

    DIY installation review of a Kioti Rear wiper kit on DK5310SE

    Howdy y'all, figured I'd post my experience with the DIY installation of the Kioti rear wiper kit for the DK/SE series tractors (kit number DKA141), in my case, on a DK5310SE cab model. Hope this helps others that decide to add it themselves. Overall, not difficult if you have basic tools, 2...
  5. KilroyJC

    A Short Video My Wife Made While I Was Tractoring Yesterday - I hope you find it inspiring 😁👍

    (you do need Facebook access) Never be Afraid! | Lisa Michalik |
  6. KilroyJC

    DIY Double Header from Back-In-The-Day

    Here’s a fun video:
  7. B

    Yard trailer and quick dump

    A couple weeks ago I built rear 3 point control and got good feedback. This week I want to show you another if you want to look: It's a "trailer" that I can use to take with me on trips with the regular trailer. I also can use it to unload the truck in seconds. It also works to keep logs out...
  8. KilroyJC

    Sometimes you have to spend money to save money

    About this time last year, I was minalizing my plans to build an outdoor kitchen pavilion. It would have needed about $1700 in lumber. a week before I was going to start, that number became $5G. And then climbed from there. MrsKilroyJC has decided we need to get some chickens. She spotted...
  9. Skramps

    Flail mower bearings

    Hey guys, I’m rebuilding a Mott 60 flail mower I picked up for $200. I’ve priced out the parts I need and it’ll run me around $650. The bearings and housings are almost $160 per side. Ive cleaned everything up as best I can. My concern is on the cuttershaft ends. One side looks good but the...
  10. S

    Adding brakes to tandem axle trailer, no brake flanges

    I have a nice solid tandem trailer, but they built it using axles without flanges. I am handy with welder, wondering if I could weld on a set of flanges. The trailer shop I took it too said the weld on flanges they had would not work, not sure why. I assume they just were not comfortable doing...
  11. M

    Kubota l3400 front end loader mount's

    Hello everyone, This forum has been a great help in the past so I thought it might be a good place to pose this question. I have a pretty good front end loader already, and I need to mount it to my Kubota l3400… I need to make the mount's myself for a few reasons. The genuine ones are...