ford 3000

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    Ford 3000 diesel fuel injectors

    I have a 1965 Ford 3000 diesel tractor. I bought new fuel injectors and noticed that the tops are shorter .the old ones tops are removable and have a spring in them. Did I get the wrong ones?
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    Ford 3000 finding Top Dead Centre on cylinder 1

    Hi, I'm about to start working on the injection pump on my Ford 3000, 1967, diesel, Simms/Minimec injection pump. To do so, I have to turn the engine to the 19deg btdc mark on the flywheel and compression stroke cylinder 1. The only way I can see to know it's compression stroke for cylinder 1...
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    Ford 3000 diesel 3cyl losing prime when sat

    Hi, I have a Ford 3000 3cyl diesel from 1967, UK build, with a Simms fuel pump priming problem. I've owned it around 2 years, and throughout that time found the fuel system will lose prime if it's not started for some time. Started once a week there's no problem, but at around 2-3 weeks between...
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    Ford 3000 3-point lift lever

    My 3-point lift lifts OK and will hold anything i lift up as long as the lever is all the way up, even when shut off. The problem that I have is that only the last couple of inches of the lever control all the motion. How do I get a full range of the lever? Is there any adjustment? Something broken?