front end loader

  1. S

    Good bucket manufacturers for a heavy-duty front end loader bucket?

    My MF-5711D has a high-capacity bucket really meant for silage movement and similar "soft" loads. What I need is something that won't bend or break if it sees a big tree root or hits a rock! I have an FL3819 loader of that matters in terms of FEL bucket options! TIA, Sid
  2. W

    Front end loader

    I am looking for a front end loader that will fit a Yanmar YM2002D. hopefully one that will not break the bank
  3. J

    225E front end loader

    I am looking for the part of the service manual that details replacing the valve controller.
  4. sam smith

    LA351 front end loader

    Looking for LA351 front end loader attachment for my Kubota B2400.
  5. D

    After Market Front End Loader 1978 MF 230

    Greetings, I am looking to get a Front-end loader kit for 1978 MF 230 2WD Diesel Tractor. I live in Washington State.
  6. Logan98

    Steiner 430 loader bucket

    I am new to this website, so please let me know if this post needs to be moved. I am searching for a big loader attachment that fits my Steiner 430 Max. I believe the LD 300 model will fit, but I am open to any other models that fit as well. I live in Ohio, but I am willing to drive or pay for...
  7. S

    Price Check  Inherited a 1971 Allis-Chalmers 170 FEL... need advice on selling it.

    I just bought a property that came with a 1971 Allis-Chalmers 170 FEL. I already own a FEL, and so my plan is the to sell the 170. I don't have all the details on the 170 yet, as we won't take possession of the property for another 2 weeks (I'll update the post when I can). I don't know the...
  8. R

    Bobcat Ct2025 fl7 aftermarket bucket curl cylinder size?

    Let's just say things happened, just can't have nice things and now I need a new bucket curl cylinder for a bobcat ct2025 with the fl7. I'm not sure how to measure to get an aftermarket but if I can figure it out I know it would be about 1/4 the price of bobcat, also my local dealer isn't great...
  9. B

    Looking for a Ford tractor 711 one arm loader

    Good evening all, I am not sure I am in the right forum, but here goes. Several years ago, I purchased a Ford 2000 Tractor, with a Bush Hog and a Ford 711 one arm loader, non manuel dump. While the tractor was in being serviced and repaired, the Hog, Bucket, and Front End Loader were stolen...
  10. L

    MF1030 Loader

    I'd like to find a used loader for my MF1030. New ones are absurdly high and for my limited use, a used one would be all I need.
  11. S

    Storage in tube in loader

    Has anyone rigged up a way to store stuff in the empty cylinder in the joint of your loader? I've seen the idea on Youtube but need details on how to cover the ends. Seems like a great place to keep a chain and other things. Thanks.
  12. D

    ***SOLD***PRICE REDUCED: Package Deal was $25,000:New Price only $23,000! Kubota L3800DT with LA524 FEL, Shredder, Rake, and Trailer. Only 104 hours.

    ***SOLD*** Package Deal: 2012 Kubota L3800DT with LA524 Front End Loader, 5’ Land Pride RCR1860 shredder, 6’ Armstrong LR6 rake, and 18’ double-axle trailer. $25,000 $23,000 takes all! Tractor is 4WD with gear shift (8 fwd., 4 reverse) and is in excellent condition, with only 104 hours on the...
  13. F

    How big of a rock/boulder can a 60 HP tractor push on relatively flat dirt?

    I need to push some fairly large rocks around. I've was able to push many of them with a 70 hp mini excavator with a blade but I am wondering what I can do with a 60 hp tractor. I'm guessing the weight of the equipment and it being able to maintain traction is probably part of the equation...
  14. S

    YFL 155 hydraulic cylinder replacements

    Good morning/afternoon! My saga with the YFL155 continues, although, I think I'm getting a better handle on it (with your all's help). I have a 155d yanmar with a YFL155 FEL. I identified that the lift cylinders have an internal leak (valve is fine). I know there's little known about the YFL155...
  15. K

    Lenar 254II Jinma, Mahindra loader, quick attachment

    Hi. I have a Lenar 254II with loader. It is fitted with some bracket for quick attachment. I cannot any reference to the type of welding bracket that as been used. The dealer went out of business in 2007, so no help there The closest I get is some John Deere welding brackets but only with one...
  16. A

    2600H Series (2605H) Front End Loader/Hydraulic Issues

    I'm a first time poster and first time tractor owner. I have searched up and down on the internet and this forum and couldn't find others with my same symptoms, and none of the proposed solutions for similar issues have worked for me. My maintenance experience up until now has been servicing...
  17. SuperAwesomeDOOD

    Kubota B8200D -- am I giving it away?

    Hello, I recently found a note on my front gate asking about one of my tractors. I had no intent to sell, but I don't use it much. I talked to the young man over the phone that night and explained the tractor to him. I said I haven't started it for a year. Before that, I hadn't used it for...
  18. M

    Massey Ferguson DL135 in 1754: Curl and Dump move separately

    Hi, I just got a used MF1754 with a DL135. So far everything is great, but when trying to switch from a bucket to a bale spear (SSQA plate) I noticed that the curl/dump between the left and right side are not moving at the same pace. One side is always ahead of the other. This makes it...
  19. improviseadaptovercome

    Jerky/studdering Loader Movement

    Since I bought my 1985 Kubota 5850DT, the loader movements have been jerky/studdery after reaching a certain point in their movement--usually about 1/4 of the range. If I reverse the movement and then extend it further, it goes a bit farther before jerking again. If I leave the valve open, the...
  20. M

    Kubota l3400 front end loader mount's

    Hello everyone, This forum has been a great help in the past so I thought it might be a good place to pose this question. I have a pretty good front end loader already, and I need to mount it to my Kubota l3400… I need to make the mount's myself for a few reasons. The genuine ones are...
  21. C

    Need information about Mahindra loader

    The Mahindra ML260 loader is supposed to fit the 4500,5500,6000 and 6500. I have a 4500 and have found an ML260 loader for sale. The loader is on a bigger tractor than mine. Either the 6000 or 6500. I don`t know which.Does anyone know if the brackets can be modified to fit my tractor? I tried...
  22. S

    John Deere 520 Loader

    I have a John Deere 2150 with a 520 loader on it. I am looking for a replacement hydraulic cylinder for the bucket because the rod is bent. The rod is $540 and the assembly is about $575. Does anyone know of an aftermarket cylinder that will work for it? According to the research I’ve done...
  23. O

    clamp on pallet forks (& no qd) - vs qd bucket + qd forks on kl4030/ck2610

    Just bought a ck2610; thanks for all the TBN threads that helped me make the call on that. Haven't "owned" a tractor since using my dad's in the woods growing up, couldn't be more excited :) anyway ... I ordered it with the kl4030 (standard loader on the ck2610) with the quick-release 66"...
  24. G

    Mahindra ML 266 loader looking for one

    Looking for a Mahindra ML 266 loader. Thanks.
  25. G

    Toro 4000D Mower to Multipurpose

    New to this site and my 1st post - be gentle :). I have an old Toro 580D (80hp) hydrostatic batwing mower, planning to remove the mower units and add a front-end loader. That phase should not be too difficult - the mower has lift valve for 3 cylinders currently, I'll use them as lift, roll and...