1. W

    Iseki tx1500 3point

    Hi there, I have the iseki tx1500f. I got it running but I can’t get the hydraulic lever for the 3point to work. The lever won’t move at all it’s locked up or something. I’m new to this stuff so if anyone has had this problem, please tell me how to resolve it. Thanks in advance.
  2. W

    Iseki tx1500f

    Hi, im new to this stuff, i recently got a iseki tx1500f. I think it’s a 1978. I cant find atachments for this thing anywhere. Im looking for a front loader, anyone know where i can find some? Thanks
  3. Q

    Check my work - re-plumbing hydraulics on Iseki TX2160

    Background: I have an Iseki TX2160 with a Loader attached that has not been plumbed properly. It has a 2 spool Walvoil SD5 valve block, which has pressure feed taken off from the banjo bolt of the factory pressure line between pump and 3 point linkage forming a Tee. The Tank connection is...
  4. T

    Iseki TM 3267 or Yanmar EF 235

    First time poster and hoping for some advise: Not a professional but looking for a compact tractor for primary use with a flail mower, in between trees. Although I will only use it for approx. 20 hours per year I decided to look for a used tractor with a limited amount of working hours. I will...
  5. D

    White iseki 2-30

    Hi guys again, well a shop said they could fix the block. Now the problem is a bent connecting rod. The tractors a White iseki 2-30 with a 3AD1. If anybody knows of parts please let me know. Or a tractor out in the woods🤨
  6. P

    Iseki sf310

    Anyone have experience in splitting an sf310, got an HST /drive issue. have done a kubota 3690 before, no experience in iseki, actually looks easier, but that’s not always the reality. have tried to find a workshop, only found operators and parts manual. thanks in advance paul
  7. moparguy55

    Iseki 47hp glow time?

    Hello im here with yet another question. I dont see in manual where it says how long of a glow plug cycle is required. My brother inlaws kioti when you turn it to glow stage on key and hold it the light in dash will go out on its own. This 1547 seems to be cold blooded belchs blue on cold...
  8. D

    White iseki 2-30

    My white 2-30 decided to put a hole in the engine cylinder wall. Engine name plate Isuzu ts3110 also maybe a 3AD1 it’s not a sleeved engine so I need a block or engine that would fit. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Wetmatch

    Iseki TU1600 4wd

    Anybody have or know where I can get a service/repair manual? Or a website I can download one from?? Any help appreciated greatly!!
  10. B

    What Iseki tractor is the same as the suzue m1803d

    Does anyone know what Iseki tractor is the same as a suzue m1803d ? Need a radiator, radiator shop can't find a core found a Kubota relatively the same size the bottom outlet is straight the suzue is a 90° to the out side . Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've never seen but 1 other piece...
  11. T

    Help with White (Iseki) Field Boss 37

    Looking for help with my 1988 FB37. Has always run strong and only has a little over 700 hours. Last year the injector pump started leaking fuel outside through the overflow tube. Now I have diesel in the oil pan which I believe is caused by the injector pump seal(s) failing. Anyone know a...
  12. Termes

    Iseki TL2100 2WD explanation needed

    Hi, I need someone who tells me what the heck is in this pic. Thanks a lot! The translator is useless because of the missing parts. What is "L", "M", "H", "(M)" (low-high-middle?) Unfortunately the shifting sticker is in bad condition, cannot read a thing.
  13. lucytaylor22

    Fixing up a 1990 Bolens G174 / Iseki TX2160F

    I've got a lovely 1990 Bolens G174 / Iseki TX2160F tractor that has been well taken care of. I would like to continue that tradition. I've already got the basic operators manual but I don't have a real service manual nor do I have the experience to just ' know ' things (this tractor is older...
  14. goeduck

    Bolens G154 (Iseki TX2140F)

    My G154/TX2140F is grinding gears when I need to change gears. Same thing when changing from high to low on the transmission. I can quickly change gears from one to another, but beyond that, I shut down the engine when shifting. I adjusted the pedal travel with no change and am thinking I...
  15. Ernie-32

    Iseki TX1510F mowing monster 8x8

    Hi there, just to warn and to inspire others; I had added twinwheels to the rear about 8 years ago to not get stuck in the mudd and prevent rolling over(rops). Now I live at another place in Southern France with hard clay grounds and short steep hills and pits. So last week one of my frontwheels...
  16. Wetmatch

    Iseki tu1600 4wd out after loud bang

    Using my tractor the other day to move some dirt when I heard a loud bang noise, and my 4 ws does not work anymore. 2nd is fine, no noises when I drive or use any hydraulics. Where do I start? Driveline? Transfer case? Transmission?? Any help to point me in right direction would be awesome. I'm...
  17. Aussieman

    Iseki 2160 help

    Ok so I have recently came into possession of a Iseki 2160. I would like to find the casting stamp of what type of Mitsubishi K series engine it has. I cant seem to find it I haven't had a super detailed look yet but also lack the time too. I have got some photos of the engine and the tractor...
  18. I

    Glow spiral iseki tx1500

    Hi ! The glow eye of my iseki TX 1500 won't work properly, also the glow plugs won't heat up like they should. I placed a new glow eye, new glow plugs and replaced the wiring Involved with the glow plugs and glow eye. I also cleaned the threads of the glow plugs in the engine block because I...
  19. S

    Iseki TM15 service manual

    Dear all, I am new to this community, but I see so much information around that I wonder whether some of you may have the service manual for the Iseki TM15 (full model TM15F). Thanks in advance if you could share it with me. With kind regards
  20. G

    Iseki 4370 hydraulic fluid fill point

    Hello all, Anyone with any exp with Iseki tractor ? I have a slow leak in a few spots, anyway need to top up hydraulic fluid. Seems there is a dipstick in centre console area behind shifter and a bolt type plug nearby, however the tube you can fit in there is a bout a quarter inch ...
  21. WVH1977

    Iseki vs Shibaura engines on Massey Premium Compact

    The new Massey premium tractors are back with Iseki engines. My uncle has an older Iseki Massey and that is running good. I have a Shibarua in my TC40 and love the engine. I am wondering why Massey stopped building with Shibaura? The only reason I am asking is that the Iseki has less PTO HP...
  22. F

    Just Posted ISEKI TL2300 to Marketplace

    Just posted my 1987 ISEKI TL2300 to Marketplace if anyone is interested. FYI. Chris.
  23. 782Diesel

    Just joined the Bolens/Iseki owners club.

    This popped up on marketplace daily pics, after a few messages, I put in for a PA day from work and off we went on a 9 hour round trip drive up near Flint, Michigan. Super clean G174, only issue beyond dry cracked tires is the VR isnt work and it pushes near 17 volts unless you leave the lights...
  24. Long Valley

    Hydraulic pump whine, massey/agco/iseki

    Hello all, I have an Agco ST41A, which is the same tractor as a Massey 1540, made in Japan by Iseki. The tractor developed hydraulic issues last fall and I'm trying to diagnose before spring. Symptoms were intermittent loss of Hydraulics and definitely whining and chattering noise from the...
  25. R

    Changing forward to reverse

    Hi, can anyone tell me the following: Do I need to use the clutch with the use of an inverser? I have the forward and reverse handle on an Iseki GEAS TG333, which I believe is called an 'inverser'. (if not correct me please) In first and second group in all gears I can just switch from forward...
  26. P

    Iseki sf310 mower

    Hi all, had a sf310 sitting in shed for a couple of years, needed a new a new deck. Finally one came up at a good price. installed it, took it out, after 30 seconds, lost forward reverse in it. was wondering if issue could be air in the hydraulic lines? Or if anyone else has an idea. Hope it’s...
  27. Cătălin2105

    Iseki TA230, I can't find the cab support bushings.

    Hi, I have an Iseki TA230, and I can't find the cab support rubber bushings. I've attached some pictures below with approximate dimensions, but I'm curious if you changed these bushings and where you bought them. An approximate size would be: ∅16x∅60x50 mm. Thank you in advance and I wish you...
  28. S

    Ansung AF23 FEL capacity?

    Having searched the web, I’m perplexed about the load capacity of the Ansung AF23 FEL attached to my Iseki TXG23 tractor. Can anyone suggest where or how I might determine this? Many TIA.
  29. S

    3point not working

    So I recently bought an Iseki 2160, and today while doing some fertilize spreading the 3 point hitch stop working as it could only drop. After I detached the spreader and went in for a close look, I noticed it could slowly move up and down with high throttle but barely lift me (85kg 187lbs) the...
  30. S

    Rear hitch hydraulics with front loader help

    Hiya I've recently purchased an old Iseki TX2160 and am slowly working through the obvious faults, servicing etc and trying to make sure it's working as it should be (as much as possible for this old machine!). The tractor has both a front loader (I believe it's one from a Kubota) and a backhoe...
  31. A

    Iseki TXG23 / MF GC1710 Rear Axle Seals

    HI, I need to replace the axle seals on a Iseki TXG23. In the manual it looks like an outer and inner 'snap-clips' are used to hold the axle in. Does anyone know if this is correct or are there another fixing inside the gear/differential lock assembly that are holds the axles in. I have tried...
  32. M

    Iseki TX2160 K3A Engine starting issues

    Hi All, I am hoping there maybe someone that had a similar issue or some expert wisdom out there to help with diagnosis. When I try to start the engine it turns over slowly and I get grey / black smoke from the exhaust. It does eventually start but struggles. This happens even after it has...