Iseki TX2160 K3A Engine starting issues

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May 29, 2020
Iseki TX 2140
Hi All,

I am hoping there maybe someone that had a similar issue or some expert wisdom out there to help with diagnosis.

When I try to start the engine it turns over slowly and I get grey / black smoke from the exhaust. It does eventually start but struggles. This happens even after it has been running for hours.

The glow plugs are drawing current as the lights dim but haven't tested them yet so could be a contributing factor but even after running the engine for two hours I can turn off for a few seconds or stall the engine and it is exactly the same difficult starting again so not sure it is glow plugs.

The battery has good voltage and turns the starter over and over for even 30 seconds so the battery seems ok, but plan to link it to a running car and test to be sure.

The starter will keep turning over and after a short time it does eventually speed up as the engine starts to catch. It could be it is turning too slowly but does eventually speed up.

Fuel / timing / compression / valves was my next thought but once started it appears to run fine, for hours at a time.

I'm really confused and would appreciate any advice or guidance. Could it be rockers? Bad injectors? Or any of the above?

Thank you in advance

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Given the symptoms I'd start by ensuring the air cleaner is clear and there are no obstructions between there and the intake manifold.
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As a wild guess, it seems as the starter motor is not spinning it over fast enough.