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Oct 26, 2023
White 2-30
Hi guys again, well a shop said they could fix the block. Now the problem is a bent connecting rod. The tractors a White iseki 2-30 with a 3AD1. If anybody knows of parts please let me know. Or a tractor out in the woods🤨
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I see an older thread from 2017 “ iseki TA207 Connecting rods”. Seems to be the same engine.

Only thing I see in that thread is connect Len. Who says he has supplier contacts in Japan. Some others say they bent them back to shape.

Recent post from Lens12 recommends contacting Australian dealers for Iseki for a different issue since many Iseki models are sold there.

Maybe some recycle yard/ junk yard.
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Thanks Rich_ncal
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I may have a used one.