1. smclaughlin81

    Ford NH 2120 oil dripping from valve cover tube

    Afternoon everyone, I have a 1996 Ford NH 2120, under 900 hours, starts right up, runs good, has plenty of power. The other day I was grading my driveway and had stopped to pickup some rocks. When I got back on, I happened to look down on the right side on the ground and saw a small puddle...
  2. K

    NH 2005 TC30 leaking internally $4000 to fix? anyone else?

    I have not posted here in some time but trying to find out if anyone else has experienced an internal hydraulic fluid leak which comes out a bottom seep hole about the center of the tractor where a cotter pin sticks out of the housing. Dealer wants $4000 to split the tractor to replace either...
  3. C

    NH 276 baler question

    Going over a new to me 276. On the twine finger lever (part #66188) there is one spring (part # 143224). It sure looks to me like there should be two? Searching images I see one and two? There seems to be an identical attachment point for another. Parts diagrams I have found list part but...
  4. G

    NH 1920 Fusible Link rating?

    I have a 1999 NH 1920 which I bought used a few years ago. When the starter motor went out last year (bad solenoid contacts), I discovered that the previous owner had replaced the fusible link with something that looks like a 30A fuse. I didn't think much about this since it was starting just...
  5. G

    NH 2120 w/leaking 7309 lift cylinder: How to open the lift cylinder?

    I have a 2000 NH 2120 with a 7309 front loader. The right lift cylinder is leaking and I would like to install the new seal kit. But I can not budge the cylinder head (end cap) at all! A couple of questions: 1. What is the correct direction to spin the end cap? By looking at the retainer...
  6. J

    NH TC30 Stalls When removing Parking Brake or taking it out of Neutral

    I have, what appears to be, a common issue. However, following all other's previous recommended fixes, I still have my issue. Background: I have a 2004 New Holland TC30. HST. Starts and runs great. I can move the bucket. It will run all day long as long as I don't take off parking brake or take...
  7. fred saas

    NH 445C how do I set loader float mode?

    NH ford 445C, how do I set loader float mode?
  8. Redz

    Seals for quick coupler’s on NH 2120

    Hi , We are doing maintenance on a NH 2120 compact tractor with a NH 7309 front end loader. There are a bunch of hydraulic hose quick couplers and most are leaking. I looked at the videos about removing/replacing the internal O-ring on the one side to stop the leaking. Then looked up the...
  9. M

    1720 Injection Pump Timing

    This is my first post so I am sorry if it is a rehash. The injection pump on my 1997 New Holland 1720 started to leak fuel into the crank case. I sent it in to be rebuilt and recently got it back from the shop. It is a Zexel piston style pump in the attached picture. I was told that I could...