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Jul 13, 2021
1997 Ford 1720 4WD
This is my first post so I am sorry if it is a rehash.

The injection pump on my 1997 New Holland 1720 started to leak fuel into the crank case. I sent it in to be rebuilt and recently got it back from the shop. It is a Zexel piston style pump in the attached picture.

I was told that I could pull the pump and send it off and as long as I did not crank/move the tractor timing should not be off as long as I used the same thickness shim it should bolt back up and not have an issue.

That has not turned out to be the case. It is sputtering and blowing a lot of black smoke and will run away so that it will not shut off with the key and has to be starved of fuel to shut off. I have a Service manual on order and am hoping that it will have the timing procedure.

Any pointers I can get would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance of any help I can get. Again, sorry if this has been asked.


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Did you ever find the timing procedure?
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Whatever his problem was, I doubt it was timing. If he didn't lose any shims the timing wouldn't change whether he turned the motor while the pump was out or not.
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One major problem with that style pump is, nobody takes the shut off solenoid out FIRST..
it bends the plunger on the solenoid and buggers up the end of the pump housing..
Try removing the solenoid and see if the problem solves itself..