oil change

  1. jsuda

    Ford 1110 Won't start after oil & hydraulic change

    I need help on possible things to look at on a Ford 1110 that was running before an oil and hydraulic change but now will not start. Here is a little backstory and details: I just bought a 1985 Ford 1110 with the HST with 1083 hrs on it. It was running and decent but not great starting in the...
  2. K

    1962 Case 430 Diesel - Dumb Question: Oil Breather Removal?

    I feel like a moron that I have to ask this, but I cannot remove the breather/fill cap atop the hood. it just spins, it won’t slide up, it won’t push down (like a bayonet mount), I made a paracordnsling and tried pulling with two hands. . . What am I doing wrong? I really don’t want to have...
  3. klw_pitt

    Bobcat CT2025

    First time changing my oil in my CT2025 and want to make sure I get it right. Does 3 quarts of 10W30 sound on par? Also anyone know the filter part #
  4. R

    LB 2204 oil and filter recommendations

    Hi, new to the group and new to owning an older tractor. I have a Kioti LB 2204 I want to change the oil and filter, just don’t know what to use. Also should I run additive to the fuel, I live in the north east. thanks in advance!
  5. Kirby7887

    Cub cadet 1450 oil type (Kohler K321)

    I am wondering if anybody knows what oil to use in kohler k321. I live in Ohio and it gets cold but not freezing most of the time in the winter. I know I need to use detergent oil for tappet head in the older engines, does anybody know the oils I should use, do you also know a brand I could use...
  6. D

    2655 first service questions

    Hey all, this is my first Mahindra and first new tractor and I'm at my 50hrs and I've got a few questions. What weight engine oil weight do yall recommend? I live in the south so it's hot as hades down here in the summer , the manual says SAE 30 for temps over 77F in the summer in one place...