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    Power beyond port 3038e

    I’m installing a 3rd function hydraulics to operate a grapple. Could someone tell me where the power port is located on a 2016 John Deere 3038e? Thank you!
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    John deer 5210 power beyond backhoe questions

    Good afternoon and thanks in advance for reading and any help. I am going to be putting my backhoe (JD49 iirc) back on. The last time I had it on I got stuck and my loader (540) didn't have any power to lift the tractor. I had to put the back hoe in travel position and disconnect the hydraulics...
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    Bad Boy 3026/TYM/Branson 2610 3rd function Power Beyond question

    Hey Everyone. Newby here, 1st post. Did research as best I thought I could on weather anyone has the info on Bad Boy 3026/TYM/Branson 2610 power beyond port locations. I am wanting to DIY a 3rd function kit for my loader. Looking at the summit universal kit, and I'll then have custom hoses...
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    GC1700 Missing Lever?

    There’s a spot for lever on the right side of the 1st gen GC1700s that has no decal. Is that where the rumored power beyond kit lever was supposed to go?
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    2520 Power Beyond

    Hello All, I have recently in the last year bought a used 2520. I definitely love it. beats doing everything by hand previously. But after a full year around my acreage I have been finding that I want to expand my horizons in terms of attachments. It has a factory installed loader, but no...
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    2010 Kubota L3240HST - What Part to Connect "Rear Hydraulic Outlet Port?" - Log Splitter

    2010 Kubota L3240HST - adding a 3-point log splitter. I have no rear remotes, nor any attachments that need them. I need a Power Beyond (PB) circuit for the splitter. I am aware of loader valve options and I'm not pursuing that. @TMGT did a really nice job getting into the PB between the Front...