1. Y

    Block rear of trailer or not?

    I have a 24 foot long trailer. Four 7 foot long hickory detachable ramps in the back. When I load my tractor it lifts the back end of my pick up off the ground. Have loaded it without blocks under the back of the trailer and with them. The better method and the best for the trailer...
  2. PineRidge

    Adding 6 rear remotes to a MT242HC

    Since there isn’t a lot of info floating around concerning adding rear remotes to a MT242HC I thought it a good idea to post this project in case others might be interested in doing the same. I’ll be adding a 6-circuit hydraulic multiplier offered by Summit Hydraulics. Starting out I’ll post a...
  3. Green Acres Homestead

    Mowing  Bushhog question.... rear or front discharge?

    Looking at purchasing a 5 foot bush hog for my L2502 and I'm wondering should I buy a rear or front discharge. Could anybody shed some light on the pros and cons of a rear discharge vs front discharge?
  4. G

    Is your rear PTO this loud?

    First time needing to use my rear PTO on my 2022 SA424. I have searched and found only 1 other discussion on the topic which was not helpful. I also found a YT video which I think was from the same person in the post. In the thread, the salesman showed the OP that all the units on the lot...
  5. PineRidge

    A question on rear remotes for MT242HC

    I’m a soon to be a new owner of a MT242HC and need info regarding rear remotes. I need a total of 4-rear remotes and expected that could be accomplished using a Summit Multiplier. The dealer is telling me that first a 2nd LS rear remote needs be installed before they can connect a Summit...
  6. D

    Massey 390 rear plastic fenders

    Hi does anyone know if a 1990 MF 390 with the earlier small mudguard plastic fenders can be replaced by the later larger plastic fenders I think 1992 onwards?
  7. E

    Kubota F-Series 72" Rear Discharge Deck Identification

    I have a Kubota F3060 with the RC72-F30 side discharging 72" deck. I found a 72" rear discharge deck for sale, but I don't know if it will fit on my F3060 properly. I assume that I would need an RC72R-F30 for my F3060. Strange that the left hand side wheel support arm is bent inward, but it...
  8. G

    Rear worklight (MT40372309) for Boomer 45 - what is it?

    A rear work light is a factory fitment to the Boomer 45, but not available as a kit. NH parts catalog doesn't include description or parts photos (for the most part). I ordered these parts to make my own worklight kit (hats off to Messicks). I didn't bother with #10-12 power socket. Item...
  9. R

    2010 Kubota L2800 11.2-24 rear tires

    My front tires are foam filled and working great but now my rear tires are cracked and leaking.Anyone got any suggestions on where to buy new rear tires?I am not sure of size as to i bought it used from people with several different tractors.I got 20 acres of black locust trees that i am...
  10. kwbobwi

    Monkey Wards 8Hp 5Spd rear tine

    I picked up a dinosaur Wards rear tine with a Briggs 8hp, Model #190402. Long story short it's been sitting in a garage for many years, lucky me there is no spark, I cleaned the points, flywheel and coil, still nothing, so my questions are 1, What are my affordable options? it's in decent shape...
  11. W

    Rear main seal leaking?

    I have a Kioti LK2552. Its been a work horse. But today I noticed oil leaking from the starter. Looking online - it sounds like a leaky rear main seal. Does that sound correct? If so, the tractor would need to be split to replace it. I assume I am looking at $5,000+ to repair?? I am not sure...
  12. D

    Hydraulic Motor off Rear Remotes

    If I want to run a hydraulic motor off my rear remote valve/coupler, do I need more than just the two lines? In other words, do I also need a tank return, so when turn the rear remote valve/coupler off it doesn't just slam to a stop? If I do how is it plumbed?
  13. A

    does the transmission hydraulic fluid operate the rear hydraulic lift?

    does the transmission hydraulic fluid operate the rear hydraulic lift on a 2200D Yanmar tractor?
  14. D

    Upgrading 4WD tractor tires, could use info on front to rear size ratios

    Hello, Upsizing farm tractor tire size, and desired tires don’t conform with factory front/rear ratio. Going from 11.2-24 fronts (43.5” tall) and 15.5-38 rears (62”) with size ratio of .70, to 13.6-24 (47.6”) and 18.4-34 (65.1”) which is a front/rear ratio of .73. I remember Tony Jacobs...
  15. S

    Cost to add rear remote to tn55

    I am looking at a used tn55 here locally. It has a bush hog brand loader on the front but it runs from the one set of rear remotes. Is it hard and costly to add an extra set of rear remotes? I would love to have a 3rd function installed as well for a grapple but that may be out of the...
  16. F

    Question on weighted rear wheels

    On the Farmall Super A, is the heaviest wheel supposed to be on the driver's side? Mine is on side of the motor.
  17. Chewwy

    T Connection from Rear Remotes Control Valve, Is It Necessary?

    I’m looking at adding rear remotes to my L3240 using a Summit Hydraulic remote kit to supply top and tilt cylinders. The summit kit includes a T connection to return to the tank. Is the T connection really necessary for top and tilt (2 way) cylinders? I have a W R Long 3rd function valve...
  18. Rapp@BlueRidge

    Anyone replaced side mirrors on tractor cab with rear view video cam?

    I love my cab - mostly when it is hot/cold/dusty/raining or snowing - but I am getting tired of having to frequently stop, open the door, lean out to realign my side mirrors, which are constantly knocked out of skew by limbs and brush. Has anyone here had success in mounting a rear view video...
  19. P

    Wanting to run grapple hydraulics off rear valve

    Already have 1 rear valve. Wont be using it much. Any shortcuts to getting hydraulic hoses from front to rear? By shortcut i mean ready to go...or will i need to custom make and give every detail/angles/fittings?
  20. B

    2020 Workmaster 70 break/ clutch pull rod, leaking rear end oil.

    good morning everyone, After a long day of bush hogging, I noticed a small drip of rear end oil leaking out of the washer around the break/ clutch pull rod on the left side of the rear end, I loosened the nuts and pulled the washer back to clean everything up and made sure to...
  21. coufray

    Rear Tire Repair

    loader has a slice in one of his rear ag tires. it is not too deep, can't see any of the cords, but does go through one of the cross lugs. It is not leaking and the tires are not loaded. Is there anything i can use to seal the slice to keep sharp rocks/dirt out. I probably looks worse than it is...
  22. AirOpsMgr

    DIY installation review of a Kioti Rear wiper kit on DK5310SE

    Howdy y'all, figured I'd post my experience with the DIY installation of the Kioti rear wiper kit for the DK/SE series tractors (kit number DKA141), in my case, on a DK5310SE cab model. Hope this helps others that decide to add it themselves. Overall, not difficult if you have basic tools, 2...
  23. PatriotOutdoors

    rear hydraulics going wonky

    so i am pretty sure I left the rear implement in the up position last time I parked the tractor for a week or so. when I got in today I found the lever for 3pt lift all the way forward (which I never do). so I thought that was strange. but I started it up. and immediately found the 3pt lift to...
  24. DeanG

    MF1835e Rear Work/Flood Light

    New guy here with a new MF 1835e. As with most new 'toys' I acquire, some modifications/upgrades are needed. In my case, and for now, the upgrade is adding a rear work/flood light. I have the light(s) mounted on the inside of the lower portion of the ROPS. The question is, where to get 12v...
  25. craig_a_s_

    Mahindra 485 di rear def locking

    Is there a lever for the locker i keep hitting or is it mechanical and locks when it feels spinning?
  26. B

    Rear Hydraulics

    I have a new MF 1840M that i had them install rear hydraulics to run a wood splitter. The lever has to be held open to run the fluid to the splitter to run it. Is there a way to hold the lever open. It doesn't have a lock built into it. Is there some after market lock or catch that can be...
  27. Tinman Dave

    Rear Snow Blower attachment

    Does anyone know if a Kioti rear mount SB50 will fit a Kubota BX2380
  28. R

    M62 Fit RiteTop'nTilt/Rear Remotes

    I'm unsure of where to tie in the hydraulic hoses for Fit Rite rear remotes on my M62. I've read the thread here originated by RedNeckGeek. His post is helpful, but I don't have factory install instructions, and most of RedNeckGeek's pictures of his install show his initial factory...
  29. G

    1000ft long, 100ft elevation, twisty, gravel- front or rear mount?

    Hi folks, my husband and I bought 25 acres in a snowbelt in Nova Scotia, Canada. Our driveway is gravel, a bit of a switchback up the mountain, 1000ft long and climbs about 100-120ft in elevation. I'll be doing all the snow removal, because I work from home and my husband leaves the house at 4...
  30. B

    Add Rear 3-point control to Subcompact?

    I just figured out how to add a rear 3-point lift control to the back of my RK25/TYM T25. I think this may work for most tractors: if you like it, please comment and subscribe! Thanks for watching!