1. R

    Can a Mahindra 1626 pull an RV?

    I'm going to start off with yep I did a dumb thing and now I may need my tractor to get me out of a jam. So I was moving my RV around with my truck (2015 GMC Sierra) in my yard to get it to its new resting home and out of the low spot. It had rained several days earlier but I believed the ground...
  2. KilroyJC

    Is anyone here familiar with scaffolding?

    Good Morning! I will have to do some major home improvement projects, most notably re-staining/sealing our log home, and I don’t want to do it on a ladder. A scaffold (or two) would make for a much easier and safer job. I have never used scaffolding before. -EDIT/UPDATE: Terrain and deck...
  3. T


    In case anyone takes life for granted when standing near a spinning PTO shaft - here's what can happen when a #8 grade bolt for PTO clutch is no match for PTO engagement at 2000 RPM's (that was my fault - had just turned PTO off and saw I had missed a spot so turned it right back on before...