1. shooterdon

    Dealing with poor sandy soil

    I have an area that needs work. I tried grass and clover but no success. I do not need it to be a lawn so open to almost anything. I am tired of getting covered in sand when I mow the weeds down. A grass would be good but a ground cover would work too. pH if soil is 7. Any ideas...
  2. F

    Amending Sandy Soil to Drive On It

    I have portion of our property that has very sandy soil. (It is between the current creek and an old oxbow. Sand gets deposited roughly every 5-10 years during significant floods.) I use that area for recreational activities, but the sand is loose enough that there is a small chance you will...
  3. A

    Preparing Land with Crusher Run Underneath

    Hello everyone. Glad to be here, first post and all. Figured I would ask the experts cause I need some good, practical guidance. Short version: I have a slender plot of land (30' x 400 ') that was mostly a railroad track until about 100 years ago. Tracks are gone now. Since then it's been...