Dealing with poor sandy soil

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Nov 24, 2012
Near Johannesburg MI but in the middle of nowhere
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I have an area that needs work. I tried grass and clover but no success. I do not need it to be a lawn so open to almost anything. I am tired of getting covered in sand when I mow the weeds down. A grass would be good but a ground cover would work too.

pH if soil is 7.

Any ideas short of bringing in top soil and trying to establish a "lawn"?
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Fertilizer and water, it will grow grass or whatever else you want.

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Heck, I grow alfalfa hay on blow sand all the time (remember I'm in Michigan as well). I just fertilize it regularly and not much more. Problem with sand is it's hell on discbine cutters and skid shoes as well as mower blades. I have to hard rod my skid shoes or I'd be replacing them every year.
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Can you spread the sand and get vegetation growing. Any modification could be damaged during next overflow event
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Plant some sweet potatoes on it.
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Rye grass is inexpense and will sprout about anywhere. Down here in Fl it is a short lived “winter” crop because the sun burns it up. In Mi it might grow all summer. I think it’s an annual but could help until a fescue or bluegrass got established
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Around here they plant some type of sweet pea and then disk it in. Adds organic material and nitrogen to the soil.

The following season they are planting dry land winter wheat.