1. D

    Is there an external temp gauge for TC29D

    My temperature gauge doesn't work and I worry about over heating the engine. I'd like to get an external one rather than try and get one that fits the existing space. Any recommendations?
  2. T

    tc29d starter relays

    hello everyone. first, i have read and re-read every post of tc29d's various starting issues. however, none have solved my starting issue. second i have checked, rechecked every fuse with a ohm meter to make sure they are good. third, all of my safety switches are working (seat, pto and...
  3. CalienteJohn

    New to me TC29D cranks & won’t start

    Long time reader first time poster. Please correct if in the wrong location etc Just bought a new holland TC29D With supposed yanmar loader 1,100 hours “won’t start as is $4,000 with fuel to haul it home. Initial testing it cranks but no smoke from exhaust, dirty filter and fuel didn’t smell...
  4. tmeric7

    TC29: how I added glow plug button and sorted out timer relay

    My TC29DA has cranked longer to start with the cold, plus some erratic behavior at the glow plug light. This post is to share how I worked though things. I replaced the glow plugs in the process. For documentation, my New Holland P/N is SBA185366190. I paid $30 for eBay replacements and...
  5. B

    Do I need to remove TC29D fuel tank to replace tank bushing?

    So the rubber bushing on the bottom of my fuel tank gave out and I bought a new one to replace it. And thanks to the "TC33 fuel tank removal" thread, will replace the fuel line with the Gates Barricade hose. Do I have to remove the tank to replace the bushing? Trying to plan for the worst case...