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May 26, 2024
hello everyone. first, i have read and re-read every post of tc29d's various starting issues. however, none have solved my starting issue. second i have checked, rechecked every fuse with a ohm meter to make sure they are good. third, all of my safety switches are working (seat, pto and neutral). each have 12 volts coming in and going out. fourth, i have checked voltage at the solenoid (hm17) and there is no voltage when i turn the key.

with all that said, i suspect the issue is related to the fact that i have no voltage on pin 3 in either the neutral starter relay or pto safety relay.

i do have pin 30 voltage on the glow plug power relay (pin3) , the glow plug timer relay (pin 4) and the fuel shutoff relay (pin 4).

does anyone have any idea why i am unable to get a voltage on either neutral or pto relays?

when i turn the key, what for the glow plug light to turn off, turn to momentary start, i hear a click in one of the relays but tractor acts as if there is no battery.
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Have you checked the ignition switch?
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trying to sort that now. i know i get continuity between pin 1 and 4 when i turn it all the way. but i cannot seem to figure out the continuity between every thing else. i did replace the ignition switch about 4 months ago with a oem switch.
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we had a lot of problems with the oem switches in our TC45DA until I replaced it with a cole hersee switch
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We had a lot of problems with the OEM swithches in our TC45DA until I replaced it with on from NAPA. Check out this string TC45DA Ignition Switch
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thank you ... do you know if i should have voltage on pin 3 in the neutral relay with battery connected and voltage on hr18
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sorry without a schematic I cant help
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Ohms is not the same as voltage under load. Tractors live in a dirty environment and terminals can fail to pass a load test or just make a poor connections.

I have also seen a battery be 12.5v but drop to 3v when you try to crank. Voltage under load matters.
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agree with your statement. but it was tested under start attempt and the battery stays steady.

there is voltage at every location you'd expect before, after turning key to on position and after turning key to start position. except pin 30 on the neutral start relay. so when the key sends voltage to pin 87 (which it does when in the start position) and the relay clicks closed (which it does), there is no voltage on pin 30 to transfer to the solenoid like it should to start the tractor. yet, there is voltage on both sides of the neutral safety switch when key is turned to on position. connectivity between the neutral safety switch and relay has been tested for continuity and it checks fine. i am super confused!!!!
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