1. D

    White iseki 2-30

    Hi guys again, well a shop said they could fix the block. Now the problem is a bent connecting rod. The tractors a White iseki 2-30 with a 3AD1. If anybody knows of parts please let me know. Or a tractor out in the woods🤨
  2. K

    Looking For A White Field Boss 2-50 Transmission

    I am looking for a good 8-speed transmission for this tractor. Can't seem to find much parts for this tractor.
  3. P

    White Smokey exhaust

    Ford/NH 1215 has white wispy smoke in exhaust when under a load. The exhaust has a very strong oder. Engine sounds good with no noticeable loss of power. Oil level remains constant. No loss of coolant. I know I should have a compression test done but wanted to educate myself a little before...
  4. orezok

    The white of their eyes

    Humans (and a very few other mammals) have white eyes. Most have dark to slightly lighter eyes.
  5. D

    White iseki 2-30

    My white 2-30 decided to put a hole in the engine cylinder wall. Engine name plate Isuzu ts3110 also maybe a 3AD1 it’s not a sleeved engine so I need a block or engine that would fit. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. T

    Help with White (Iseki) Field Boss 37

    Looking for help with my 1988 FB37. Has always run strong and only has a little over 700 hours. Last year the injector pump started leaking fuel outside through the overflow tube. Now I have diesel in the oil pan which I believe is caused by the injector pump seal(s) failing. Anyone know a...
  7. H

    Is white pvc mipt used for dwv fittings fine, coarse or 2.44 fine?

    I purchased a food grade IBC tote for water at my property and need a fitting to screw onto the valve. Amazon wants to know the thread type. The IBC is 3 hours away but when last there I unscrewed the cap and went to TSC to try and create a fitting. The cap screws fine onto a male threaded 2"...
  8. U

    Agco White 6124 PTO shaft

    I just bought a 1996 Agco White 6124. Was looking at the PTO setup and supposedly the way it works is if you want the 1000 rpm PTO you install the 21 spline shaft. If you want 540 rpm, you install the 6 spline shaft. Problem is, I can't find a 6 spline shaft with the machine. It's already got...