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Apr 9, 2006
North Carolina
John Deere 3520
Looking for a source to find a rear rim for my 1965 1010. It is the spinout rim. The old one has a rust hole in it from water in rim.
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Here's 37 in salvage yards with some being crawler tractors. Only saw 2 with spinouts. One looks decent, the other maybe as bad/worse than yours. https://www.tractorhouse.com/listings/dismantled-machines/JOHN DEERE/1010/farm-equipment

Depending on where and how bad yours is maybe easier to repair if around the valve stem hole. If a larger area, maybe cut a section out, and weld another section in. If you don't have the tools to do so, probably a weld shop around capable of doing it.
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Thanks for the info. Just got the wheel off yesterday. Headed to the tire shop tomorrow. I will make a decision after that. It looks like all the damage is around the valve stem but I will not know for sure until then. One good thing about it is I am getting the hang of the spin out wheel.
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My spin out rim is being repaired at the welding shop. The damage was not as bad as I feared. Thanks for the good information. I will put the wheel weights on and leave the fluid out of the rear tires. For what I use it for that will be plenty of weight. I will also spin them out to their widest setting. I did the same thing with my 3520 when I bought it and it works well.
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Good deal..!!
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Again, it's called 'power adjustable' not spin out. Spin out refers to poor driving habits on icy roads, not a tractor rim. Always good to use the correct terms when describing some issue, real or imagined.
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I'm sure you are correct 5030 but I can say for sure if he had used the tern power adjustable rim I would have no idea what he was talking about. Spin out I know exactly what he means. Why the hell would JD or anyone call that a power adjustable rim? Spin out describes it perfectly and what we have called them for 55 years.
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I've always wanted to see those spin out wheels in action. Our JD530 rears use the other way JD used to adjust width - the rear wheels have a pinion built into the center of the cast hub, and there is are matching rack machined onto the extra wide axles. The wide front also has an adjustable width front axle but it works differently, with tubes that slide in a cast center piece..

Some day we will have to set all the wheels out to max just to see what it looks like.

I think 5030 may be technically correct. I think I did see those spin out wheels called "power adjust" in my 530 owners manual...I'll have to take a look.

We bought the 530 used from a corn farmer 30 or 40 years ago. He ordered it new with a number of options.. Power steering, extra remotes, a sprung seat with dampers, & 12 volt electrics. I then put a FEL on it. It's been a worker for us, but not so much since the Kubota came to live here.

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Those wheels were great for us in tobacco country. 2 or 4 row tobacco farming required an 8' stance. Going from row crop to 8 foot was always a chore. Back then we couldn't afford but one tractor.