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They are called 'power adjustable simply because you use the tractor power to adjust the rim spacing, either forward to extend or reverse to retract. least that applies to every tractor I owned that didn't have cast centers like both my M9's do now. On my M9's you have to physically demount the wheels and either flip them 180 degrees to align the rim lugs with the center section or mount the wheel in the alternate holes in the cast center section. Same applies to the fronts but changing the wheel offset just entails mounting on the opposite side of the welded on lugs on the front wheels.

Last tractor I owned had 'power adjust' rims was a cabbed ag., Massy that is long gone and was a PITA anyway. Not familiar with JD as I've never owned one other than a vintage 4020 diesel which is also long gone. Wheel spacing on that one was moving the entire assembly farther out on the extended axle shafts, something I never did anyway.
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Again, it's called 'power adjustable' not spin out. Spin out refers to poor driving habits on icy roads, not a tractor rim. Always good to use the correct terms when describing some issue, real or imagined.
Yep, sure enough. The 530 came with the original owner's manual and in there it does call the spin-out wheels by the name: "Power-Adjusted Rear Wheels", and dedicates two and a half pages to how to adjust them. Maybe "spin-out" was just too casual. That was an era when parts guys were known as "clerks" and wore a tie to work.

At one point where the manual describes how to loosen the jack screws on the rim, it notes that there is a special wrench included for doing that. Does yours have that wrench? Wonder what it looks like...?

Maybe it is similar to the special wrench ours is supposed to have for the rack and pinion. BTW, the manual says the maximum rear tire width on our 530 is 104". ....that should be sufficient for most crops.
Getting to the full 104" includes running the rack and pinion out, taking advantage of the widest of the 4 available rim-to-wheel positions, and also reversing the wheels. Sounds like an all day job. Especially with those cast wheels and wheel weights.
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Because of what I farm (forage), I keep my wheel spacing commensurate with how wide my disc mower spreads the cut plant material as I don't want to run it over and smash it down when raking or bailing. Consequently, I keep my wheel spacing at that optimate width all the time.
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I'm sure you are correct 5030 but I can say for sure if he had used the tern power adjustable rim I would have no idea what he was talking about. Spin out I know exactly what he means. Why the hell would JD or anyone call that a power adjustable rim? Spin out describes it perfectly and what we have called them for 55 years.
The only term I ever heard was spin out, & that's what I call them on my M-F 50, & it's pretty well known term by dealers as well as parts dealers. Seeing the thread spin out rims is what brought me here.
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Interesting thread!
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I've heard them called both over the years, it may be a regional thing. Much like a rotary cutter referred to as a "bush/brush hog", and some call them a slasher. It seems the term slasher comes mostly from outside the U.S.

For giggles I looked up the power adjust rim part number for an A-C CA like my buddy has, then searched Google for that part number. Across the board looks like vendors that sell them, 75% call them power adjust, 25% call them spin outs. ACS027 Rear Spinout Rim 10x24
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I’m not a farm boy and never knew what they were called but what I do know is the first time you drive one of them John Deere with the axle sticking way out don’t get too close to a telephone pole because they’ll make you do a 90° turn lickety-split.

Ask me how I know