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I had taken the cover off the cooler and never put it back on
If you ran it without the engine cleanout cover off, it is like running your car without the fan belt. It would most likely overheat (if severe enough it would score the pistons/cylinders).
I agree that you should do a head gasket replacement and inspect everything along the way. It doesn't seem like it would be too difficult, but that is coming from someone that never did it on a Deutz.
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I don’t think that’s what he was referring to. There is this odd cover over the oil cooler that blowers the hot oil out the side instead of up into the pto cooler. On mine I put some spacers in to raise the lid to allow more air flow. I don’t think there would be any effect on the engine temp with the cover off. Just warmer pto oil.
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Roger that, without pictures, I thought he meant the cleanout cover on the side of the engine.
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An update not much of an update. It is still sitting in my shed, I have been having problems with my leg and not able to do much. I have talked to several shops that do work on Deutz engines and they said they could work on it and my neighbor said he could haul it for me when he is home (truck driver long distance) so one of these days off it will go. Terry suggested while they have it to have them do the timing belt as it is nearing 3,000 hours.
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Last week was a busy week. Had my hip replacement surgery on Wednesday,, same day company that worked on my tractor called and left a message saying it was done. Saturday my neighbor and son went and picked up the tractor and brought it home .I guess it is working ok now I will not be able to use it for several months according to Dr., so my grandson will be taking care of it and using it. They replaced the head gasket , top gasket set, fuel line fitting, timing belt and I don't know what else for sure as I did not talk to them. My son said they told him they also did valve work, checked rings, cylinders and other parts of engine and everything was within specks. Mechanic said timing belt was pretty rough looking..
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@ernemats best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery!

All the best, Peter
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Most exercises are not bad but 2 of them are gibing me a hard time. The days and nights are sure long.
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Thanks to all for advice on tractor problems and for the get well wishes. My grandson mowed with it for about an hour last night and he said it seemed to be working as it should. The grass is pretty long in places and he said the tractor would slow down where it was real long and thick. I was wanting to take the blades off and either sharpen them or replace them as I knew they were pretty dull but I never got to it