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May 4, 2010
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Hi gang

Replaced the oil pressure sender and oil cooler tubes and am suspicious of the gague reading.

Can some of you guys w the deutz power plant let me know what 'normal' pressure is?

Reads 60 or so at idle now.
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My 1445 runs about 30psi, cold (75F), idle.

60 seems like it is the max possible reading. Have you measured the resistance through the sending unit? (Off and on?) Is it possible that the wire to the sending unit is broken, or more likely shorted to ground somewhere?

I have seen several different Deutz sending units offered for sale, with different psi ranges. Is it possible that you have one for a different range?

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I have the first Gen 1011F in my 1850 I run 30 at idle and 60 full bore. Sounds like something is up... Just FYI, I had to replace both my thermostat and my oil pressure sensor about 6 years ago. THey just gave up. I usually call it a day when my temps get up to 210, 220 range.

For me my Oil Temp sensor was VDO 323-121, from my notes the Pressure sensor and the thermostat are stock Deutz product.
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60 psi at idle is close to what a racing engine would use.. 30 psi for a standard engine is more like it. maybe there's a voltage regulator for the instruments that is not working properly, or you just have the wrong gauge!.. you can check the pressure with a mechanical gauge to make sure..
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I just checked my Deutz sender; it reads about 9ohms to ground at zero psi.

I hope it helps.

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Thanks for the data points guys. I'll check.

Mine is a new sender from pt. It goes up to 80 at start and drops to about 50 once at temp. New filters and oil.

Terry said 50-60 is normal for this air-cooled deutz diesel.
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Sorry I missed this thread. To verify I have been running a mechanical guage to test my oil pressure and I am at 50 to 60 psi as normal for Duetz 1011F.