1920 engine running in reverse

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whitetiger said:
The have a high pressure electric pump on each injector.
Thats the difference between my old 02 Golf TDI and my 05 Passat TDI. The Passat has the "Pump Duese" a pump sitting right on top of every injector (built into the injector). The Golf had an Bosch fuel pump. BTW. Those times the Golf and the MF165 engines were working in reverse was when I started it and din't let it crank over long enough. When the TDI engine was running in reverse, it was shaking like mad. The MF165 was running smoother reverse. LOL Not that I really wanted them to run in reverse, but they did anyways. ;)
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I have to agree with the others.. 1. Lose the attitude, 2. I've seen detroits syphon oil and such seals in to run when fuel was cut off.. and choke plates slapped down..


Chris_VA said:
Duh, you think?

No, I intended to have this happen. I liked the idea of pulling soot back into the engine, sucking the oil out, having to stop and restart. That is some efficient operation, right? I'm not sure how a "pile" came into play. I was attempting to lift a downed tree up so I could saw it up. My foot was muddy and slipped off of the clutch (thanks in advance for explaining the dangers of muddy feet to me). By the time I got back to the clutch, it had almost died, but I clutched it again. I should have just let it die. I guess you guys have never stalled out before. I"m impressed...

Now, back to my "question".

Do modern day diesels have something to prevent this? Yes, most do. I called the local Massie and Deere dealers late yesterday and their shop guys told me that as far as they know, all of their machines have a "one way drive" on the injection pump to prevent it from running backwards. They also said they feel sure most all Case/IH machines have this as well. Pretty standard, 40 year old technology. Thus, I assume, the engine would not start or run. I'm going to call the NH dealer on Monday to see if this is common on their machines or if the new ones won't do it.

I've been working with equipment for 30 years and have never had this happen, so I was curious. And guess what??? In that 30 years, I have actually stalled a machine. Can you believe it! I know, I should turn in my license.

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Chris, While I do agree with loose the attitude, but mine is for different reasons.

It does you no good.

Here, like on most internet sites you may communicate on, there are MANY who chose to ignore the obvious and respond to what they want heard, or worse, what they want you to think they know. There are probably more of those type than people who actually understand what you are asking on any site. I've felt like you do many times. Mellow out and take each response, including this one, with a grain of salt. MP
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I've stalled my 1920 plenty of times with just about every attachment except maybe the backhoe. Never got it to run in reverse but then I wasn't trying either. Now I know to keep an eye on it.

I think the folks that initially answered your question were just trying to help you understand how it CAN happen and perhaps how to avoid it. I didn't pickup on anyone dissing you and was actually surprised at your displeasure with what seems like helpful people just trying to help. People on this forum in general don't diss on operators.

Have a great Christmas.
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toddwulf said:
People on this forum in general don't diss on operators.

Have a great Christmas.

That is my impression as well. TBN is a "low diss zone".
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Chris_VA said:
as far as they know, all of their machines have a "one way drive" on the injection pump to prevent it from running backwards.

I would have to see this to believe it. It would have to be designed to not lose the timing when it slipped. I doubt they would go to that much trouble for a problem that seldom if ever occurs to most people.

The electronic fuel injected motors will not run backwards. That is just a software issue.
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I think this happened to me last winter with my 1530. I was trying to get that last bit of power to pull a stump out with my 3pt winch, lugged down too hard, clutched just before the engine stalled. I noticed the oil light on, and could hear valve train noise and immediately shut down I promised my baby I would not work her beyond her design again. It restarted fine.

The advantage of sharing in this web site is helping others with our mistakes and sharing technical info. After reading this post, I realized what happened last year.