2440 JD tractor

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Mar 1, 2023
JD 5310
Anyone know best source in SE US area that is great restoring tractors? Mechanical is all done to my 1976 JD 2440, except paint, etc.. looks like 1976!

I use now to mow regularly, also drag gravel driveways. It’s spent most of its “life” in the hay fields fluffing & raking hay. I love this tractor!
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I would skip the paint job, especially if it is still wearing the oem factory paint. The latest trend in classic tractors seems to be to leave them in their “work clothes”. Those ones even seem to fetch the higher prices at auctions.

After you paint over the factory finish, you can't ever get it back. Worse yet, you loose all of the stories that those rubs and scratches can tell.

I have a couple of low-hour classic tractors. One was repainted, but the other one never was. I definitely prefer the latter. Whenever I get a scratch on the repainted one, I feel the need to touch it up. The “never been re-painted” one is far less stressful to use, without having that worry.