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Jul 22, 2006
NW Alabama
I'm going to look at a 2018 2565 with less than 500 hrs on it. Anything I should look for or be aware of?
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I have a 20 year old Mahindra 3525 with 767 hours. The seal on the brake began leaking. Mahindra's parts website shows it discontinued. The Mahindra dealer that sold it to me was too busy to look up the part despite me calling them three times over three separate days. Called the next closest Mahindra dealer, but their parts guy gave me the wrong part number. Called a larger Mahindra dealer 180 miles away who immediately found the correct substitute part but is too far away for service. The next closest dealer quoted $2,000 to replace the seals on both brakes plus $275 each way to transport it 60 miles. The seals are inside the transmission case, and there's a lot of disassembly required to change them.

There aren't that many Mahindra dealers in Tennessee to pick from compared to Kubota. I'd be looking at where your nearest dealer is located and whether they offer good service.

I thought I was saving money buying a Mahindra. Now I'm not so sure.
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