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Jan 28, 2006
Montana 3040
I am getting ready to use the rear hydraulic ports on my 3040 and have a few questions:

1. Is there a standard hose spec for the hoses I will need to run between my implement and the ports? I know when Montana replaced one of the fittings on my FEL, they required me to change both the male and female end.

2. There are 4 ports at the rear of the tractor. Can I use two for the implement and two for a hydraulic top link?


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I also have questions about my remote hydraulics.
I just purchased a hydraulic top link for my 4940C. I hooked it up to my remote hydraulics lines and I am using it with my box blade. The top link moves in and out fine. It will tilt the box blade with no problems. When I had the top link all the way out it pushed back in as soon as i started moving with the box blade cutting into dirt. If I lifted the box blade up it would hold position fine. When I bought the quick disconnect for the remote hook ups I had an option of two types of disconnects one with a popet valve and one without. I did not figure that i needed a popet valve so I purchased two without it. I assumed that with the control handle in the middle position the spool would have both ports blocked and that would hold the cylinder in position. If that is not true would someone explain to me what I need to get to make it work
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Hi Gemini,
I have the 5740C and there is an option to make one set of the remotes single acting. Check to the right of your seat and look for a knob to turn setting it to double acting. This may or may not be the problem. If it is in the double acting position, I would think the valve should hold in any position you leave it. Let us know how you make out.

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Thank you for the advice I am at work now but when I get home I will check and see. I do know there is two knobs under the seat that I thought was for the flow rate. I think those might be what you are talking about but I will post on here what I find out
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Jimmy Bean thank you for your advice. There are two handled directly under the seat on my 4940C I thought they were flow controls but only one of them is a flow control the one nearest to your left hand when you are sitting in the seat is the one that contols whether it acts as a single cylinder or not.
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I still need advice on the correct hoses to use with my rear ports. Any input is appreciated.

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Here is what I did for my hoses. I got the correct quick disconnect male fittings for the remotes. I was hooking up a top link cylinder. I took the measurements from the remotes to where they fitted on the top link cylinder. I then took the quick disconnect fittings and the cylinder fittings to my nearest full service dealership and said I want two hoses one 24 inches long and one 18 inches long to fit between these fittings. They made them up in about 20 minutes and it was 19.95. The times I have had to get hoses I found it was about as cheap to just have them made up for the length and the fittings I needed.
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At the risk of sounding ignorant, how did you determine the correct male fittings and did you buy them from your Montana dealer?
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The male fitting is a very common one and TSC or any local AG type of store should have them.

The style used on the Montana is the poppet style and while most of the time, the type with the check ball will work, it isn't a good idea to use the different types together.

I normally have a dozen or so of the males in stock as well as the dust covers. A good local hyd shop will have them for less than stores like TSC and will usually make hoses of better quality to the exact length you want while you wait. If they have been around for a while, you should be able to just tell them you need a AG style coupler with the poppet.

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montanaman I got the ones without the popet. I will admit to being ignorant what is the difference. I bought mine in a store we have here called ATWOODS they were 5.00 for the non poppet and 10.00 for the ones with the poppets. The local New Holland tractor dealer makes hoses for people locally and they charged me 19.00 for two hoses. one 18 inches long and one 24 inches long. this seemed pretty reasonable to me.