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Mar 25, 2009
West Virginia
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I'm looking for another tractor to be a dedicated tedding or raking tractor. I need at least one remote but it has to have a 4 position valve with float mode. Back in the day I had a 3930 with dual pumps and dual remotes that had this feature. I am finding out that I should have kept that tractor because finding one like this is like looking for chicken dentures.

Since I'm more familiar with electrical and not hydraulics, can a tractor with single or no remotes be retrofitted with a valve that has the float position? If so, it would open up my options quite a bit. a 4610 or 4630 would be perfect and not break the bank to purchase but like I was saying, 90% + do not have the dual pumps with the 4 position valves.

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You don't need the dual pump package to handle a rake or a tedder. There are many choices out there for replacement valve kits that will fit those tractors. You can also find many single or multi spool monoblock valves with float position that you can mount on a fender and plumb yourself. More choices than you can count.
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Thanks for the info, you have set my mind at ease. I realize you don't need dual pumps to run a rake or tedder. Single pump is fine to raise and lower. I was just wondering about being able to retrofit a 4 position valve to have the float mode.