1. F

    John deere 2020 hydraulic fluid into oil

    My dad has a jd 2020 we used it for a few years but never used the pto last year after brushhogging we realized it was low on hydraulic fluid and smoking out the blowby tube so we parked it went to eat checked oil and it was obvious that the hydraulic was in the crankcase. We rebuild the...
  2. E

    Homemade Hydraulic Mower Hydraulic Help

    hey all, I have a ford 1210 tractor. It is 16 hp, 15 hp at the pto. when i bought the tractor at auction, it came with a Ford 916A belly mower, however, none of the stuff to actually mount the mower deck to the tractor. A little background: over the years, i have welded up some things to mount...
  3. PineRidge

    Is there such a thing as a affordable hydraulic crimper?

    I have a number of 1/4” & 3/8” hydraulic hoses to make and was wondering if anyone makes an affordable crimp machine that won’t break the bank. Reusable ends seem to be very limited to find. I had NAPA make two 27” long hoses for me the other day with 1/2” male npt on both ends at a cost of...
  4. Richard

    Where to focus? (hydraulic motor seal question)

    Hydraulic mower. I've rebuilt the motors that power the blades several years ago. Discovered I've got some dampness UNDER the deck....so something is leaking. Not a blow out leak but leaking none the less. (first start this spring, mower was VERY low on oil and I was baffled as to where it...
  5. R

    hydraulic fill

    I just a acquired a beautiful excellent condition 1994 L255 New Holland that did not come with a manual. I didn't think to ask the previous owner, I thought it would be easy to find since I own a Bobcat 863. I see a dip stick in the cab on the left side floor but don't want to put something that...
  6. R

    Auxiliary hydraulic hook-up for dummies (me)

    Long time follower of this group, all y'all have taught me an awful lot even though I've not posted often. First time trying to use the auxiliary hook ups on my Montana 3840, and I'm looking for some help. Let's just say that the Korean-to-English translations in the owners manual for the...
  7. Yogi05

    Where is my hydraulic fluid going??

    2024 TYM T25 with about 15 hrs. I bought it new last October(ish). It came with the front grapple installed and I used it a bit last fall. Then the snow came and I went to the bucket which hadn't been installed until then. At some point I learned how to check the TDH fluid level through the site...
  8. J

    Kubota B21, adjusting hydraulic pressure. Applies to others to I guess.

    Posting this is a couple places. Made up a simple pressure gauge to check relief setting on my B21. A simple T fitting with 5000 psi gauge and a QC coupler on each end. It does work and show pressure, indicating about 1800 when the relief actuates. About what I expected and will, unless...
  9. G

    NH 75 hydraulic pump vapor lock

    recently worked on a NH 75, farmer complained of loss of all hydraulics after turning it off hot after mowing hay. i've come up with a simple in the field bleeder port that takes less than a minute to do without taking any panels apart or lifting the hood! take out the large plug on top of the...
  10. R

    What type hydraulic fluid is everyone using on their tractor

    Do you have to use the UDT2 or can you use the UDT period!!
  11. S

    SVL75-2 hydraulic filter stuck-super tight, relieve pressure on circuit?

    Changing the hydraulic filter and its super tight stuck. Is there a way to relieve any checked/holding ? pressure on this circuit if there is any? Is there a way to park it without the hydraulic system locking? Tried a spanner wrench and it stripped the only tooth I could get it onto. Going...
  12. A

    Hydraulic pressure loss..

    I have a Woods BH7500-1 on a Kubota L3600, the problem I am having is that the backhoe will not hold hydraulic pressure. If I raise the boom it quickly falls, if I put down my outriggers and raise the back of my tractor off the ground , the outriggers immediately lose pressure, I have removed...
  13. Lupe70

    Workmaster 55 hydraulic oil fill

    I have a 2018 Workmaster 55 and have a dip stick in front bottom of the seat . Is that the hydraulic oil dip stick and do you fill it through there also . The tractor had no manuel and I had never had a tractor before. I had a line bust and lost oil I have replaced the line , but the loader...
  14. Birddog2024

    Bobcat 763G

    Leaking hydraulic pressure sensor. Replaced x2 Now leaking again after only short usage.
  15. B

    Hydraulic Fluid Level

    I have a 1961 Ford 641 with no dip stick to check the hydraulic fluid. How do you check this fluid. Thank you
  16. D

    what and how would you modify to make new hydraulic cylinder fit?

    Good morning, and happy 4th to everyone! Skip this paragraph if you don't want the back story... I had recently won an auction for a 4 in 1 combo bucket that is rather vintage (melroe/bobcat brand with the internal/covered hoses reading '95). I knew it would need the cylinders either rebuilt...
  17. J

    converting 4n1 bucket to ssqa, adding hydraulic QC couplers. What is standard?

    Title says it all. Converting a Kubota B21 mounted WR Long 4n1 bucket to SSQA but there are no QC couplers, it is all "hard connected". Obviously time for QC and new hoses. I was going to just use the Kubota style AG couplers, but I've been told Flat Face is standard and should I rent any...
  18. K

    Possible Hydraulic pump issue

    Good afternoon, everyone, well I ran into an issue and need some help diagnosing a hydro/steering issue. Two weeks ago, I was out removing some storm damage with my 3620H, I was using the grapple and was moving plied of branches from the road to a brush pile about 500 yards away. About the...
  19. C

    Fit Rite Hydraulic Top Link M7060

    I have a freshly rebuilt and painted (by Brian with Fit Rite Hydraulics) top link with Euro quick connect that was made for and fits a Kubota M7060. I have the hoses and quick connects for rear remote and 3 each Cat 2 balls and 1each Cat 1 ball. Bought an MX6000 and this top link is not the...
  20. J

    Hydraulic fluid recommendations

    I have a new to me 2008 MF1528 HST with 1520 FEL. I want to do a complete fluid change. However, there are no close dealers near my area. What would be the best hydraulic fluid for my machine? It will take about 8+ gallons of fluid. I do not know the history of the machine, so no idea what...
  21. M

    Ford 2000 - Hydraulic pressure

    Hello all, My tractor is a 1968 Ford 2000 3cyl diesel. I've finished rebuilding the top lid and now my 3ptl is working as it did beforehand. New piston, honed cylinder o-rings, safety valve and relief valve. Oh and a very worn cam pin too. Even when I first picked up the tractor around 7...
  22. V

    Mitsubishi 1.5 ton excavator hydraulic issue

    I have a gray market Mini-ex ME-15 which I believe to be a Mitsubishi 1.5 ton machine. Perkins diesel. I recently replaced one of the hoses to the right pilot controls and now having issues with both sides pilot controls. Machine tracks back and forth no issues. Left Side pilot controls is...
  23. Ishkatan

    RK37HC Hydraulic fluid sight glass level

    I just did a fluid change (100 hrs.) and I had to add red dye to make the hydraulic fluid visible. I had overfilled it and had to syphon some out. Now I am a little confused - with loader and 3pt arms up I have nothing in the sight glass. With them down the sight glass shows full with just a...
  24. M

    TN series (TN 55, 60, 65, 70, 75): adding a 3rd and 4th remote to the rear hydraulic valve stack.

    I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the parts I would need to add to a cab tractor (limited to 4 valves due to cab interference; the non-cab may be able to go higher). You can also have some (2 or 3) valves under the cab (later versions of this model series I believe). Not sure the...
  25. B

    Correct hydraulic fluid for 185dt

    What is the correct hydraulic fluid for the kubota l185dt
  26. R

    Leaking hydraulic oil from front axle

    I have a Kubota 2380 leaking all the hydraulic oil from a spot near the front axle, circled in red on my picture. I'm trying to find what this part is called and how I can repair it. I'm looking in the manual and on forums/youtube and cant find anything yet.
  27. MaxG

    Where to best measure hydraulic oil pressure and temperature?

    I wonder where to best measure hydraulic oil pressure and temperature on a 2.5t digger. General wisdom says oil temperature is most accurate at oil return. Where should I measure pressure? I reckon there are different places, but pressure would only show when the particular cylinder is operated...
  28. C

    Mahindra 7010 hydraulic pulley

    Has anyone had any experience trying to get to the bearing on the hydraulic pulley out? We believe it is out. We are not sure how to go about getting to it what parts need to be taken off in order to get to it.
  29. D

    Tym 27hp Tractor losing Hydraulic power

    For the last couple weeks I have noticed my bucket coming up slower and with my forks attached to the bucket it tends to come down when the tractor is off. Recently even if the tractor is running it still wants to lower itself. It does not raise as high as it use to and it lift capacity is much...
  30. Richard

    Hydraulic Motor Question

    I've got a 15' hydraulically powered flex-wing mower. 4-5 years ago, rebuilt all the motors that operate the blades (and the pump which hangs off the PTO on a speed increaser). Note that the outer two sets of blades are on the same hydraulic circuit. Fluid goes from the pump to the right side...
  31. C

    hydraulic leak

    I've developed a hydraulic pinhole leak on 7/8 OD tubing on my Ford 4500 TLB. So far, I've been unable to loosen the flare fittings to pull the piece out. Do they make a repair clamp that would work in the situation?
  32. M

    Hydraulic remote float doesn't float

    Hello Folks, I have a TN55S with the standard 2 remote set up (adding 2 more soon). One remote has no float (I assume an 5161780) and the other is supposed to have a float mode (I also assume it is a 5180686). I am vaguely familiar with the float idea: an extra detent in the remote is supposed...
  33. J

    Rake  EA Rock Rake, hydraulic top link interference problem.

    Got an EA rock rake a year or so ago. We are all aware of the calamity, so no need to go there. From the git-go, I found there was an issue with the top link mounting design. Otherwise no complaints. Well other that the "special orange paint job". Issue is the Kubota (Gannon) hydraulic top...
  34. 650gSatoh

    Crank driven hydraulic pump upgrade

    Hi Guys, My Satoh 650g has possibly the worse designed crank to pump coupler ever. It is 2 pieces of metal stock with a keyway and then 4 bolts to hold each half together. The crank adapter and pump both have a "double D" shaft. Problem with it is that the end that holds the pump shaft only...
  35. rScotty

    Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

    I'm considering a project using a tractor to drive a hydraulic submersible water pump in a creek or pond. If anyone has experience or a pump to offer I'm interested. A pump to do this needs to output a minimum of 50/90 psi @ 200 gpm through a 3" camlock fitting. And pass 3/8 to 1/2 inch...
  36. K

    Auger 3rd function hydraulic or PTO

    Hi there, I’m new to land ownership and equipment and would appreciate all pointer. I bought a Kubota L2501 last year, equipped with 3rd function hydraulic for grapple and an auger. While I really enjoy the grapple, the auger is way underpowered and even with 12 inch cannot dig a hole without...
  37. kenhardin

    MF-1533 Air in Hydraulic Lines

    I have a 2008 MF-1533 with Synchroshuttle transmission. If the tractor sits for a day or so the 3-point hitch and FEL do not work at all…power steering works fine. To get up and going I have to open the bleed screw on the rearward hydraulic pump and turn the steering wheel until the air gets...
  38. J

    Question - CNH / Prince Hydraulic Valves

    Does anyone know if the stack valves that Case/New Holland uses for their mid-mount & rear remotes on the Farmall/JX/TN/Other series are the same flange pattern as the Prince Series 20 valves? They *look* to be the same; I'm not near the tractor at the moment to compare dimensions.
  39. G

    New YT235C Loader Hydraulic Leaks

    After months of waiting and a comedy of errors on the dealers part I finally have the YL310 front end loader and 3rd function kit installed. After fixing all of the hose routing issues (due to a terrible installation) I parked the tractor assuming it was ready to go. I came out a few days later...
  40. K

    IH 584 pto not engaging

    bought an ih 584 and the pto lever was stuck on when purchased got it all freed up and it engages well and the plunger works up and down, but the pto will only spin at high rpm and can be stopped with a 2x4 with light pressure, put pressure gage on the line coming from the valve body where the...
  41. K

    Help needed: Fluid for MF 35 with newer pump & other issues

    I recently purchased a running 1963 MF-35 Perkins Diesel with multi-power. The seller had just done a hydraulic fluid flush. I asked him what fluid he used and he sent me this (Legacy ISO 68): He said that a previous owner has installed a new PTO Hydraulic Lift Pump, and that this is the...
  42. Yander

    LS R4041 Hydraulic Fluid

    I bought a 2012 Case IH Farmall 40B Shuttle Shift (being delivered tomorrow) it is the same tractor as the LS R4041 as I understand it. I went to the IH dealer to get the hydraulic fluid for it and they could not tell me how much I needed. They said it wouldn't be more than 10 gal. Well...
  43. TopSpeed1

    Massey Ferguson 1740M HST Hydraulic Oil Change [Video]

    I tried to make it short and sweet. I can't stand informational video's that start out with the guy sipping his coffee, showing his dog and you have to get his life story before you get to what you want. This video is well under the 5 minute mark. Hope it helps show what you're in store for when...
  44. Binford

    Hydraulic top link

    CK3520se, and after putting on and taking off the brush hog, I’m going hydraulic top link. Is the tractor a CAT 1?
  45. Atvjoe

    1920 Ford Hydraulic pump New install I need Help. It won’t Prime

    Hi everyone I just installed a new pump after mine failed. I had zero psi and I cleaned pressure relief. I replaced oil and seals on the metal lines. So I installed a new pump and it won’t prime or do anything I need some help. Do any of you guys have any pointer what I need to do. I followed...
  46. M

    Junkyard hydraulic auger

    While perusing the local junkyard (I do that all too often) I saw a scrapped digger derrick pole setting truck with a big hydraulic auger. Picture an International truck which puts in power poles. Every bit of it is available priced by the pound. I looked up the model number of the derrick...
  47. P

    Hi,i can't find the Hydraulic on my TYM 474 2024?

    Hi, I can't find the hydraulic filter on my TYM 474 2024.
  48. K

    Workmaster 55 Hydraulic Fluid/Plug Question

    I have a 2016 NH Workmaster 55 w/900 hrs and recently the Hi/Lo shifter started getting very stiff/hard to shift. It was low on HD fluid so I changed fluid/filter and it seems to be slowly getting a little easier, but nothing like normal. I have a couple of questions I hope someone can help...
  49. Justadudewithatractor

    Parts identification assist, please, for a 1988 Ford 1220 Hydraulic line

    Hello All, Please accept my thanks in advance. I'm working on a Ford 1220 and found a leak in the hydraulics. It's a "step-down" on what I believe is the return line from the power steering back into the hydraulic compartment under the seat. The tractor was gushing hydraulic fluid and when I...
  50. handy Mandy 2009

    Hydraulic pressure blows out dipstick tube

    Hello forum 2009 Mahindra 2816 3. Cylinder Mitsubishi diesel Hydraulic fluid pressure builds up after using the bucket. When this happens I release the pressure by pulling out the dipstick tube under the seat. I can hear and see the fluid pressure release like a volcano. Is there air getting...
  51. Racenut

    Hydraulic slide locked up.

    Hoping someone might might have an idea why the side slide on my mower is locked up to one side. I thought this was a simple enough thing but I really don't know why it would lock in place like this. I even tried hitting it with the biggest hammer I have .. my tractor 😂 This morning I tried to...
  52. S

    John Deere 4720 Hydraulic Suction Screen Removal

    Hi, Does anyone have guidance for removing this screen. I have removed the two bolts from the L Bracket as manual instructs but cannot figure out how to remove the bracket from the housing that houses the screen? Any guidance would be greatly appreciate. Thank you, Saxe
  53. Sodo

    Hydraulic hose prices (unbelievable !)

    3/8" hose, 34" long. $96.17 each. I must have been under a rock. I thought: "OK so they're about $25 each but since inflation is only 3.5% since covid everything's doubled so they're probably $50. I should get a spare." ooops, the price was 4x that..... $100 each. ($212.37 for two little...
  54. R

    Best trans, hydraulic fluid

    Need to change Mitsubishi MT 320 I just purchased. Is best 80/90 oil or what else. I know 80/90 is suggested.
  55. C

    Ford/NH 2120 Hydraulic troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting main/loader hydraulics on 2120. Pressure should be around 2500. Did pressure test with gauge and pressure shoots up to about 2000 for a second, and then settles down to 1200 after 2-3 seconds. What would cause this? Weak pump, or internal leak in one of the cylinders or in the...
  56. B

    L6060 50 hour service, hydraulic filter changes

    Book is telling me to change both filters. The dealer also supposedly sent me everything I needed for the 50 hour service, and both hydraulic filters were in the box. But doesnt one of the filters require the system to be drained or the fluid will all pour out from the filter? The sent be a...
  57. F

    Tl-70 Hydraulic Leak

    I have a hydraulic leak for many years. However it is getting worse. I looked it over for many times. I notice it after I use and park. I estimate it loses about 12- to 16 ounces, if you run it six hours. Being I only notice the bottom of the tractor with oil droplets, and no lines near by, it's...
  58. L

    Flail mower hydraulic

    Has anyone used the front end loader hydraulic connections to run the offset flail mower? I would need another 4 feet of line and a 180 degree redirect to do it. Support the lines in a way they do not get damaged is a concern too. I have 1 outlet on the rear of the tractor now. Offset flail...
  59. leadfarmer

    Dump Truck Hydraulic Lines

    I bought a 1981 Kodiak C70 dump truck. It had a plow and salt spreader. The hydro pump is engine belt driven with an electric solenoid to engage it (switch on the dash). I have removed everything for the front plow - 3 hydro lines ran to the front from the valve block, and the two cable control...
  60. Texasgreen

    What Hydraulic Oil??

    After looking all over the place to find what transmission hydraulic fluid should I should use in my Montana 4940C no information really was found. I realize it needs to be compatible for wet disk and wet PTO applications. My question is what oil would you use? I have a few options below.
  61. Chewwy

    Changing Hydraulic Fluid on L3240 HST

    I am getting ready to do the 400 hour service on my L3240 HST. The service includes changing the hydraulic filter, the transmission filter and the hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic fluid change requires 11.1 gals. There are three plugs that have to be removed to fully drain the fluid. See the...
  62. K

    B2620HST: hydraulic filter vs transmission filter confusion

    I am trying to do a 200 hour service on my B2620 and I'm getting confused about the relationship of the transmission filter, the hydraulic filter, and the hydraulic fluid. The manual shows a 200 hour service interval for the transmission filter, with accompanying drain plugs. It also shows a 400...
  63. B

    Adapter for flat face hydraulic connector

    The hoses on my brush cutter would like to connect to the machine at a 90 degree angle to the way the 1/2" flat face connectors are currently mounted: Do they make an elbow that has a flat face quick connect on each side that I could connect to the machine and then to the brush cutter hose? I...
  64. U

    3015 HST trans hydraulic fluid?

    I have a 2006 3015 HST and was wanting to know what transmission hydraulic fluid I should use in it. Also, I've seen 1 manual say 19 quarts and another say 24 quarts. How much does it take?
  65. J

    Jinma 254 backhoe hydraulic leak

    My backhoe is leaking from one of the curl function hose joins behind the boom cylinder where the hose connects to the hardpipe. The trouble is i cant even get my hand in there to peel off the cable wrap to confirm if the joiner needs tightening or its the hose. Anyone had experience getting to...
  66. T

    Used an impact wrench and welded nut to remove seized hydraulic pin

    The pin on the backhoe bucket was frozen to the point it had ripped a weld free from a 1/2" steel bracket. Would not budge with lots of heat, PB blast, sledge and drift. So welded a 1 1/8" nut on the end and using the impact wrench back and forth many times it broke free. Dewalt and the Harbor...
  67. O

    Replace hydraulic pump on 2005 TC30

    I need to replace the hydraulic pump on my 2005 NH TC30. I can't find away to get to the bolts behind the pump. If you have don't it before, an help would be great, or maybe a link. Thanks
  68. J

    What to do about this crud on hydraulic hoses?

    This crud (algae? mold?) Has been slowly building up and I've been putting off doing something about it. But coming back from several months away this Spring, its gotten significantly worse with more build up. Time to try and remove it. Any suggestions?
  69. R

    1260 changed hydraulic wont start

    Massey 1260 I just got finished changing the hydraulic fluid and filter on the rear end. Cranked it up and it started then died and won't restart, like low oil pressure . No lights are on. That is if they work. Is there a special way to prime after a hydraulic change? There is a fill port...
  70. O

    Jinma(Nortrac) 304 leaking hydraulic into engine oil?

    It is a 304B by nortrac with T395E engine. I recently refilled my lift hydraulics and it seems to have leaked hydraulic fluid into the oil enough to blow the dipstick out under pressure with the engine running away and blowing oil and smoke. Hydraulic fluid was almost completely gone after...
  71. C

    Losing Hydraulic oil

    Need help, own a John Deere 2020, power steering pump mounts on front of engine, replaced seal in pump but still getting hydraulic oil in crankcase, anyone have any idea what to look for next?
  72. K

    What Length Of Hydraulic Top-Link For MT357

    I want to put a hydraulic top-link on a MT357. I have one from a MT342 that I had but the top-link is too short. I have the Pat's Quick-hitch on the the 57 also. Anybody have one their MT357? What length did you get?
  73. W

    Yanmar hydraulic pump

    Ugh, I am struggling with my Yanmar 1510d . I bought this tractor 2 years ago (auction ? mistake). I just put a new hydraulic pump on it for the 3rd time. FEL and 3 pt hitch have stopped working again. I cleaned the filter and put in new trans/hyd fluid recently. I also installed a pressure...
  74. 1990F-150

    Hydraulic or HST Filter?

    I'm doing the 50-hour service on my MT240he, and am a little confused about what hydraulic filter I need. The manual states a hydraulic filter, but the website has both a hydraulic filter and an HST filter. Anyone know which filter to get? and what hydraulic fluid should I get to replace the...
  75. 1990F-150

    Hydraulic Noise at Startup

    My MT240 has a noticeable hydraulic squeal at startup. It only happens for a few seconds and when the tractor has been sitting for a few days. Is this a common issue? Should I be concerned or should I not worry about it. I have been on a friend's Kubota tractor that seemed to make the same noise...
  76. L

    Turfcat T422D Hydraulic Deck Motor Problem

    Guys, Can you help. I am in the UK and have had a turfcat for many years and I recently broke the shaft on the deck hydraulic motor I have managed to get a new one but it will not run if it has any load on at all everything points to a blocked outlet pipe as when I turn it off it runs...
  77. M

    JD 5400 Hydraulic power issue

    I can raise my bucket and tip in and out, but have no "power" to lift front tires off the ground. I replaced the pump (truth is I wanted one on the shelf anyways), no affect. Everything else looks good, no leaks, fluid/filter good. Kinda thunkin it may be an internal seal somewhere that...
  78. Up_in_SK

    Ford 5640 SL adding hydraulic circuts question

    Hello Everyone, I just want to say thank you for sharing knowledge here; these forums have helped me in the past when I came to lurk for answers. I purchased a tractor with 3pth snowblower and then purchased a loader to fit on it. Can I / or how can I, have control of both sets of circuts? (4...
  79. D

    Hydraulic Motor off Rear Remotes

    If I want to run a hydraulic motor off my rear remote valve/coupler, do I need more than just the two lines? In other words, do I also need a tank return, so when turn the rear remote valve/coupler off it doesn't just slam to a stop? If I do how is it plumbed?
  80. S

    John Deere 430 Loader Hydraulic Hoses

    I have a hose on my loader that just started leaking, so I figure it's time to change out all the hoses. Are the cheaper (Ebay, China) hoses working for people? If not, what's a good resource for procuring pre-assembled hoses?
  81. M

    2655 Add-on hydraulic help needed.

    I am taking the next step in my tractor evolution. I have bought some hydraulic implements (root grapple, cutter, custom fork grapple). Since most of what I will be doing is open/close (grapples) power on/off (cutter) I am thinking of using my rear remote rather than spend $1000+ for a third...
  82. C

    ck20hst snap ring on hydraulic drain plug.

    I've made the repairs to the engine interface plate hardware and crank shaft bearing cover, with new seals and hardware. view"ck20 clutch post" Now I'm investigating the snap ring on the drain plug issue. I've removed the 3 pt hitch hydraulic assembly and nothing appears to be out of place. Once...
  83. J

    Dirt Moving  Bucket hydraulic line change.

    Well today I blew my first hydraulic line. Happens to be one of the four that operate the bucket. So I decided not to waste time and instead have lunch and reach out to you guys. I briefly followed the lines and they go up into the dark area about where the seat is. Fluid was still dripping...
  84. J

    Hydraulic Hose

    Had to replace a 4 foot hydraulic hose the other day.....$ 84 for one hose....outrageous !!!
  85. dshearer

    Need Hydraulic gear pumps for Montana T2334

    Need both pumps or rebuild kits. Does anyone know if these exist or if there is anything I can bolt on to replace them? Thank you in advance
  86. F

    Hydraulic Oil cooler for Kubota L5450DT

    Is anyone parting out an L5450DT/L4350DT /L4850DT? I urgently need an hydraulic oil cooler for my tractor. Alternatively: which oil cooler can I adapt for my L5450? I just cannot afford around $1000 for a new one. I already had the old one repaired, but that repair only lasted for about 2 hrs....
  87. L

    Hydraulic oil leak / critters and vent tubes crazy fix

    I pass along so it might help someone, seems kind of unusual. I bought my Mahindra 5010 used. After using it awhile, I started noticing some kind of fluid on the ground after I moved the tractor from where it was parked in the pasture the night before. But it seemed to be under the wheels, not...
  88. A

    does the transmission hydraulic fluid operate the rear hydraulic lift?

    does the transmission hydraulic fluid operate the rear hydraulic lift on a 2200D Yanmar tractor?
  89. D

    LW8 backhoe hydraulic hose o ring question

    Just wondering what type of o ring the hydraulic hoses take for sealing on my LW8? The description is o ring but is that true or are they some type of flat rubberized seal? Any idea of the sizes used on the backhoe and I guess the loader as well. I’m just replacing the lines outer spiral wrap as...
  90. D

    Yanmar 336D front loader hydraulic issue

    I recent purchased this tractor that had been in a field for years. went through and changed all fluids, filters, screen and cleaned out the insides. The front loader is slow and shakes lifting, going down is fine. Same happens when I curl up. Curl down is fine. Plenty of fluid and all new quick...
  91. G

    YM276D Remote Hydraulic

    Hello, I have Question pertaining to the YM276D I am wanting to install some hydraulic quick couplers to attach a 2 point backhoe, I know there are potentially 2 options one being cutting the high pressure line and second using the in and out ports (preferred if possible) I am just not...
  92. L

    New Holland 575 Baler Hydraulic Issues

    Started baling today and the hydraulic tensioner will not get tight (bales loose) then it started shooting oil out the gauge. Help!! I can't find the book and my dad passed away in December so I can't ask him.
  93. C

    Hydraulic fluid

    What kind of hydraulic fluid will work in my mahindra 6500 besides mahindra brand
  94. dalestractor

    Hydraulic pump on farmpro 2425

    Recently I had issues with my hydraulic pump so I pulled it and got a rebuild kit,(some seals and orings ),but when I put them in the seals are thicker than ones that were in it when you tighten the two bolts adasnt from each other you can't turn the shaft with a wrench, any idea's?
  95. T

    Leaking hydraulic pipe from pump to “PTO Solenoid Valve”

    Hey guys, running my Mahindra 2538 HST pretty hard today and all of a sudden I heard a small pop and noticed hydraulic oil pouring out. I was able to drive it back to the garage after adding some fluid, but still leaks pretty bad. It appears that the leak is coming from the flare on the pipe...
  96. M

    Hydraulic Filter on Return Line…will it work?

    Hi, New to posting but have been trying to read a lot of the posts. I am in the process of adding a used 3pt backhoe to my tractor. To get hydraulics to the rear I am basically splitting the hose coming off my power beyond port on my loader and will send the fluid back to the backhoe and then...
  97. B

    Hydraulic lift assembly stopped working

    I have a Mahindra 2615 and it continuously got harder and harder to lift the 3-pt hitch. I took it apart and greased all linkages. Now this part on driver left pulls out about 1.25 inches. When pushed back in it does not seem to engage. Moving the control lever on the right side has no...
  98. msmith

    3939, 4610, 4630 hydraulic remotes

    I'm looking for another tractor to be a dedicated tedding or raking tractor. I need at least one remote but it has to have a 4 position valve with float mode. Back in the day I had a 3930 with dual pumps and dual remotes that had this feature. I am finding out that I should have kept that...
  99. stump54

    Hydraulic Top Link with Quick Attach Hook

    This was certainly worth the research effort… Besides the hydraulics, I wanted something that would compensate for the Pat’s quick hitch extension, and add a quick-attach to the top. Also, found I can use the inexpensive, locally available, top-link balls by doing a little grinding…
  100. T

    Buying Advice  7308 hydraulic hoses

    I have a 1990 New Holland 7308 frontloader on a TC33D that needs new hydraulic hoses for the bucket. I am thinking of replacing all of them since they are all cracking. My question is where is a good reliable place online to purchase them? Should I replace all of them at the same time or just...
  101. Y

    kioti hydraulic filters

    I have two kioti hydraulic oil filters T4125-38021 , unopened and still in bags ... The dealer sold me these and they were incorrect for my model kioti tractor, I didn't know until maintenance time. The dealer is 1100 miles away and hasn't responded to my request for exchanges
  102. L

    john deere 2000 series compact tractors hydraulic pressure

    Ive been reading here and on the internet that some owners turn up their hydraulic pressure on their 2520s been thinking about doing that any of you owners had done this? I check mine and its 2475psi thinking about going to 2700 will I break something or blow seals out with 200 more psi thanks
  103. G

    Iseki 4370 hydraulic fluid fill point

    Hello all, Anyone with any exp with Iseki tractor ? I have a slow leak in a few spots, anyway need to top up hydraulic fluid. Seems there is a dipstick in centre console area behind shifter and a bolt type plug nearby, however the tube you can fit in there is a bout a quarter inch ...
  104. Oregon2023

    Ford 5030 trying to locate hydraulic screen / jerky hydraulics

    I've got a Ford 5030 shuttle shift that is having an issue with the hydraulics I can't seem to figure out. The transmission shifts great, and the power steering works tolerably. The loader and 3-point hydraulic are very slow and jerky. The loader runs off the rear remotes supplied by the engine...
  105. S

    3820i Hydraulic pressure setting

    Hi all, I have a 2007 3820i with a BL20A FEL. Does anyone know the recommended hydraulic pressure setting. I think mine is off and new to adjust. Thanks
  106. D

    TC45DA Hydraulic Filter?

    What filter are you us for the smaller hydraulic filter on the left side of the engine (looking from seat)that is readily available? Also, is this a low pressure filter? NH part number is SBA340501030 (says it has a bypass valve), I couldn’t a cross reference on Baldwin Filters site that is...
  107. D

    John Deere 1445 hydraulic float issue

    My 1445 has 1725 hrs and the deck will not stay float . It has a danfoss hydraulic control valve . I am not sure if or how to adjust the detent to keep the deck in float
  108. C

    Weifang CP 504, AKA TY series tractors, AKA defunct TMT brand in Australia - what hydraulic fluids should I use and where?

    Hello this question has been asked a million different times but a lot of them are conflicting - what is the latest advice on what fluids to use? In particular, my tractor has two pumps, one for the steering and one for the loader etc. Should I use an ISO 46 in the steering and a UTTF in the...
  109. CloverKnollFarms

    Hydraulic Fluid Choices

    So, I’m gearing up for the first service this year on the 4820H. It may be a smidge early in hours, but 2 years in I feel like doing it. So, I have Rotella T6 for the motor, but I came across Triax Agra UTTO XL fluid for the transmission. Also considered the Shell Rotella HD oil. Does it...
  110. N

    New Holland T4.75 power star hydraulic problem

    The loader jerks really Bad when the oil is hot . I have replaced the pump, loader control valve, relief valve, change filter and oil ,replaced all suction hoses on suction side of pump ,changed the quick couplings and switched the hoses on the lift and replaced the cylinder packing . Installed...
  111. R

    Massey/Agco vs aftermarket replacement hydraulic hoses and replacement interval

    Seems I need to replace a hose on my GC1705's FEL (DL100)... part SL103366. The tractor/FEL is around 10 years old, and is stored outside. Should I be looking to replace all the hoses at this age, or should they generally run longer? Is there a standard replacement interval? Is there much of...
  112. D

    RK37 New to me, hydraulic leak, not sure what to check

    Hello all. Well i was very excited to get my first tractor this weekend(I have only had skidsteers in the past.) Saw a great deal on a RK37 shuttle shift with 240 hours and I jumped on it. Guy said it had no leaks and I didn't notice anything while i was checking it out, but it was in the...
  113. F

    Long Tractor hydraulic leak

    I have a Long 560 tractor with a hydraulic leak from the transmission case. The drain plug and two holes in line with the axles and drain plug are on the bottom side of the case. One hole is plugged with a bolt and jam nut. The other hole is wide open and the parts manual does not show anything...
  114. S

    JD 2350 hydraulic leak

    A friend had a hydraulic leak on his 2350 and after removing the hood we discovered split/rotted small hoses running from what I assume is some sort of surge tank just behind the radiator. The tank is about 8" diameter or so and has a T fitting on top with barbed nipples where the two lines...
  115. B

    1025R hydraulic issue

    Removed the front end loader from 1025r. Re-installed 2 hours later. Now, when I try to tilt the bucket down, it comes up. Hoses are connected properly.
  116. Moak


    Does anyone know how much hydraulic fluid a 2610H holds? The manual doesn't say and when google it I see anywhere from 2.9 to 12 gallons. Here what in the manual and it can not be correct there is no way this is all it takes.
  117. N

    Hydraulic Problems

    I just bought a used 2008 JD 3320 w/Cab, it has 1100 hours. I learned two things the hard way, when changing the hydraulic oil to always put a new o-ring on the oil filter cap. It is easier then dumping 7 gallons of brand new oil out and straining it to save $200. (And clean the fill plug )...
  118. mwoltman

    Cub Cadet 2007 GT3200 hydraulic issues

    Our American Legion Post received a 2007 Cub cadet GT3200 with 102 actual running hours on it as a donation to sell for our MIA Memorial construction fund. The issue we are having is that the mower deck and 3-point hitch cylinders will not move up or down. The tractor drives in both directions...
  119. T

    Mitsubishi hydraulic vale

    My hydraulic flow control broke does anyone know of where you can find one or where or who has a parts tractor
  120. R

    Yanmar 2310d hydraulic filter location

    Yanmar2310d hydraulic filter
  121. F

    help to identify this part and why hydraulic fluid is flowing out it.

    i cant find what this part is in the mahindra catalog it just shows a square hole where this goes on the center case. my haudralics drained out of it. like a plug was released, not under pressure. it is on a 2015 gear series. thanks
  122. T

    Hydraulic fluid

    Any one ever use Traveller hydraulic fluid for their Hst kioti ? Can’t find the Mobil orr a couple of the other brands in stock https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/traveller-premium-tractor-hydraulic-fluid-5-gal-t806391 thanks
  123. I

    Case IH 2290 hydraulic hose connected to the hydraulic pump

    trying to fix my case 2290's hydraulic leak ive identified the leak to the hose that runs from the hydraulic pump to the main controls in the cab, i cant for the life of me figure out how to remove the hose, it spins freely but doesnt unscrew, and its not a push pull release refrence pictures...
  124. Long Valley

    Hydraulic pump whine, massey/agco/iseki

    Hello all, I have an Agco ST41A, which is the same tractor as a Massey 1540, made in Japan by Iseki. The tractor developed hydraulic issues last fall and I'm trying to diagnose before spring. Symptoms were intermittent loss of Hydraulics and definitely whining and chattering noise from the...
  125. C

    Satoh S750D Stallion hydraulic leak

    Recently acquired my first tractor, a Satoh Stallion, with a hydraulic oil leak. Split the tractor, removed the clutch, and the clutch release bearing (throwout bearing) with carrier, and hit a brick wall. I assume I now have to remove the clutch release yoke and shaft so I can remove the...
  126. S

    Backhoe hydraulic repair

    Hello tractor gurus . Kind of a newbie didn’t grow up with this stuff . Bought my first tractor at about 60 years old.own a Kioti 26 and an old Ford 4500 industrial with 755 backhoe .Just pickedup last year for 2 grand .new injector pump starter.added Silverado seat an boat seat for back hoe...
  127. emmelldee

    RK37 vs TYM/Branson 3515

    I have been exploring an upgrade from my Deere 1025R. As I compare the hydrostat versions of the RK37 and TYM/Branson 3515, the primary thing that stands out is the hydraulic pump flow. According to their respective websites and TractorData.com: The RK37 is rated at 6.4 gpm; The 3515H is rated...
  128. D

    Leaking/Weeping From Hydraulic Pump to Front Cover

    All, I noticed I my TC45DA is leaking/weeping hydraulic fluid. It looks like it’s leaking where the hydraulic pump bolts to the front cover of the engine and it’s not engine oil. Is there a chance that the hydraulic pump is just loos and that tightening the bolts will slow or stop the flow? I...
  129. W

    Old tractor front loader weird hydraulic connection

    Hi all, I'm new here, in fact this is my very first post. I have an old Shibaura SD2843T (equivalent to a Ford 1700/1900) and it has a front loader that looks like its connected hydraulically in a very weird way. It seems it goes through the 3 point hitch hydraulic, what I mean is that the...
  130. lonelyop

    Issue with installing dual rear remote on XG3135

    I just installed a dual rear remote on my XG3135. Not hydrostatic if it matters. I now have a tractor without any responsive FEL or three point lift. Pretty sure I did something wrong. The instructions were not clear on connecting to the loader valve, or they just assumed a level of...
  131. B

    X590 lift arms stuck?

    This is a weird one; our x590 has never had a serious problem. But I had to take the mowing deck off tonight to reinstall the belt, which had come off one of the rollers. Something seemed strange, though; the deck wasn't going all the way down to the ground....wt...?. I did get the deck off with...
  132. J

    Rockshaft slow and very little lift capacity 3520

    I have a 2006 JD 3530, Power Beyond, FEL, BH, Grapple. This morning I lifted the brush hog, set it where I wanted to leave it and removed it. Hooked up to the 3 point stump grinder that I've used a few times with this tractor, hopped on, moved the draft lever, it didn't lift the grinder. The...
  133. O

    Hydraulic line

    I snagged a tree under my 2510 hst, and pulled off the rubber hose that I think feeds the valve under the passenger side foot. I have got the hose back on, but there is a larger metal hose that comes off what I assume is the hydraulic pump on the passenger side of the engine, and goes down...
  134. L

    L2501 hydraulic leak

    Good morning all. I have owned a couple of BX models since 2001 and there have been maybe half dozen times I have had to top up the hydraulic fluid. Each time it was only a few ounces. Neither tractor had a front loader or bucket, just mower. A few years ago, my sister and niece got a L2501 with...
  135. JPardue

    NorTrac NT254 / Jinma 254 adding front and rear remotes

    In 2020 bought a used NorTrac NT254 (Jinma 254) 25 HP 4x4 tractor with a power beyond loader valve. Converted the welded bucket to skid steer quick attach and got a set of forks. Wanted to add front remotes for a grapple. Studying the hydraulics and looking online, it took some doing to figure...
  136. T

    TYM 394HST in need of DIY strategy for adding rear circuits

    So I bought this small tractor to take care of our acreage homestead. I love it all from the reliable start-up and relatively easy maintenance but I don't know squat about hydraulic other than what I been reading up on. I was thinking about adding a double circuit bypass/diverter to the back so...
  137. B

    Hydraulic control

    I have a diesel Massey Ferguson 135 and I bought it with the hydraulics backwards, I don’t know if it was replaced by an inexperienced mechanic or what the story is, but up is down, and down is up, figured someone had hoses or something switched, I’d like to make it right, it came with no...
  138. F

    Changing Hydraulic fluid and filter

    I own a 1993/94 Ford Newholland 1215 compact tractor and after 870 hours I will be replacing the hydraulic fluid and filter. I am the second owner of this machine and I do see evidence that hydraulic fluid and filter have been changed previously. We no longer have a Ford/Newholland tractor...
  139. K

    john deere 301a

    working on installing rear remotes on a john deere 301 a, hoping to use a generic aftermarket set up to save on cost. main issue is knowing where to plumb into the tractors hydraulics to go to the valve body. any info on how to find which ports to use would be greatly appreciated thanks
  140. F

    Kioti DK6010 3pt not going up or down.

    My Kioti DK 6010 3-point hitch is not going up or down. Thought it might be low hydraulic fluid but I just filled it up and it still doesn't move. The valve under the seat is fully open so it's not that. I had just taken the backhoe off when I discovered that this wasn't working. Any ideas?
  141. prairiegirl

    MF 4609 suddenly does not drive or lift loader

    We were seeding and while turning around the tractor 'popped out of gear', anyway, it stopped moving forward. No broken linkages. Steering and loader no longer work either. Valves still work for loader will go down. It was running warm a few times because of plantmaterial on screen; removed it...
  142. P

    Iseki sf310 mower

    Hi all, had a sf310 sitting in shed for a couple of years, needed a new a new deck. Finally one came up at a good price. installed it, took it out, after 30 seconds, lost forward reverse in it. was wondering if issue could be air in the hydraulic lines? Or if anyone else has an idea. Hope it’s...
  143. P

    Control Valve help

    I have a Kubota MX5200. I have to questions. I bought a Titian 1912 rotary cutter. It has a single hydraulic hose for operation. I do not have rear remotes and just plan on mounting a single hydraulic control valve. There are some many options it has become confusing. What spool do I need and do...
  144. Melancholy Bear

    RK55 Oil leak at hydraulic rear end plate

    Just out of warranty (of course), I found an oil puddle on the ground below my pull bar. The RK mechanic told me that even if it was under warranty, it wouldn't be covered because gaskets and sealant are considered wear items. So I had a local independent mechanic fix it. There's a plate above...
  145. nathan1648

    Cross reference website needed for hydraulic lift (3 point) control valve

    Does anyone know of a good site to cross reference website for hydraulic lift control valves? I'm looking to rebuild New Holland hydraulic lift/control valve part # MT40007577 (LS Part #40250285). I have been able to cross reference some parts on New Holland tractors but I haven't had any luck...
  146. A

    Top and tilt questions

    I am looking to get a hydraulic top and tilt setup for my Kubota L3301. I mainly want it for adjusting my rear scraper blade when maintaining my gravel driveway. Getting on-and-off-and-on-and-off to adjust the blade is hard on my back. Can anyone discuss the relative benefits of electric...
  147. N

    Summit Hydraulics Kubota 3rd Function Install

    Hey fellow tractor users, I’m back with another DIY video this time installing a Summit hydraulics 3rd function kit to use a grapple on my Kubota L3301. The kit was really easy to install and works great. If anyone has questions let me know!
  148. A

    Hydraulic pump TC 29 New Holland

    Need help with hydraulics not working. Is the pump bad or do I have other issues? The hydraulic pump is real noisy when I try to lift and takes a minute to start lifting 3 point hitch.
  149. tallman8251

    2440 Hydraulic Woes

    Annnd I am back... Ok got some strange things afoot with the 2440...When the PTO is disengaged, center lever down, I am having hydraulic issues. The Power steering will only work intermittently with High RPM's, and the rock shaft will do the same it may or may not go up with the higher RPMS...
  150. jigs_n_fixtures

    TYM LT200 FEL, Hydraulic Fittings Type

    I have a TYM T233, with the LT200 FEL. I’m getting ready to add a diverter valve to run a grapple. Max hydraulic pressure at the relief valve is 2500-psi. Does any one know what thread type/size the stock tees, and nipples are? I’d like to us hard lines as opposed to hoses as much as...
  151. G

    Case 895xl problem with F/R shift

    Hi all! I bought case ih 895 xl few weeks ago and I have a problem. Everytime when I stop engine, the tractor starts rolling like without engaged gear. The gearbox is equipped with hydraulic F/R shift. Hydraulic fluid is just between min and max and there is not a problem with driving whilst...
  152. F

    Hydraulic coupler advice

    I'm getting a 3rd function kit and some attachments and was wondering what is the best coupler to go with? Seems like the flat face couples always come as an option for attachments for some extra $$$. Are they worth the extra money?
  153. F

    How do I figure out the hydraulic flow to my front end loader attachments?

    I'm getting a Kioto DK6010SE HSA. Total hydraulic flow is 16.49 gpm. The loader shows 9.62 gpm Rated Flow (Tractor System). Is the 9.62 what is available for the 3rd function valve or is there some other number I should be looking for it can calculate?
  154. F

    Which 3rd Function Kit to buy for Kioti DK6010SE?

    Ok. So I've seen a Kioti made 3rd function kit(DKA144) that looks super easy to install (video below) but I haven't found a dealer that sells it. Seems like most are installing the WR Long branded one. Is the WR Long any better? If so where is the best place to buy it?
  155. I

    McCormick hydraulics issue

    Hi. I have issues with my hydraulics. The bucket dump is going down slowly and when I push the joystick all the way (it has a two stage valve: slow and fast), then the bucket rollbacks. It just started doing this. No other functions are affected. I had the cylinders resealed, did not fix the...
  156. J

    GC2410 backhoe hydraulic

    Hi guys, I bought a 2009 GC2410. The previous owner added a second hydraulic pump with its own oil tank on the mid-pto to operate the backhoe. I'm trying to put the tractor back to original as this setup is not working well. Can anyone tell me where are the 2 hydraulics from the backhoe...
  157. U

    Kubota BX22 no longer moves

    Several years ago I bought a used BX22. Used rough but still in good shape. Had a little feedback when the peddle was depressed fully in high gear. After year one I change the hydraulic fluid and no change. Next fluid change I took out the screen and found a few large pieces of metal in it...
  158. U

    Kioti DK55 Hydraulic warning light coming on.

    Have a 2003 DK55. Hydraulic warning light comes on after driving or operating cutter for a short time. Changed Hydraulic filter. Will check sensors next. Anyone experience this ? Ideas ? Thanks
  159. Skramps

    Adding budget rear remote

    Hey guys. I have a 3rd function kit installed on my Massey 1526. I want to add a rear remote to control the top link. Is it possible to just run lines to the rear and have ports like that? And then connect the top link into that? I’m assuming the diverter button on the joystick would then...
  160. C

    TYM T264 Hydraulic fitting sizing

    Hello everyone; Just bought a used TYM T264 and am thinking of installing a third function, as Tony's Tractor Adventure Homestead Shows in his video and getting a grapple for logs/brush/etc but I'm having trouble finding what the hoses/connections/fittings sizes are. Call the nearest dealer...
  161. C

    Massey 2360 Hydraulic Chute Rotator

    I had a few questions about the hydraulic chute rotator for the 2360 snowblower. I can’t seem to find a part # for the kit anywheres. I currently have the electric rotator but I am sick of the speed and how it freezes up every time I am out. Does anyone know if it is a simple bolt on kit? Or is...
  162. MDA59

    Where do you fill hydraulic fluid on 2016 Branson 2400H

    I had to change the FEL hoses out on my 2400H and lost some hydraulic oil, Where do you fill the hyd oil at? I see where you put the engine oil at and there are two more places that has oil caps, one on the right front side and one behind the seat, what are these for? There is only one place to...
  163. C

    Clutch pedal not returning to top position

    I'm new to large farm tractors, so please go easy on me. I bought a Ford 8600 back in August of this year. One of the rear remotes hydraulic line busted and gallons of fluid spewed out. I had to move it approx 50'-60' to get it out of the way from where the hose busted. I got sick and it...
  164. D

    can't get arms to raise up on my CAT skid steer

    i have a CAT skid steer model 232b2. i haven't been able to get the arms to raise up on it. with machine running parking indicator lamp does not come on. when i am pushing the button to release the parking brake, the seat belt indicator light starts flashing. machine will move, but i cannot...
  165. L

    Kubota B3200 Hydraulic Leak

    Hello, I have a hydraulic leak and I think the culprit is the shaft which is used to open and close (what I believe is) the hydraulic lines. Something has caused the shaft to have an oblong rotation and it also seems like it has more wiggle than it should. I've included a couple pictures. I've...
  166. Torvy

    Hydraulics for beginners

    OK, experts, here is the next in my series of questions from a beginner for beginners... My understanding of hydraulics is relatively basic. Essentially, a fluid contained in a closed system with a pump to pressurize it. Valves and the like are controlled by levers or switches to drive or...
  167. J

    Help needed L2501 rear hydraulics

    I am new here and need some advice. Yes have a 2020 Kubota 2501HST and just got a Shaver HD8 post pounder. I need to install 1 rear hydraulic line to lift the hammer and 1 dump line. As I am new to tractors and hydraulics I could use Some suggestions as to what all is needed. My dealer quoted...
  168. M

    What oil do you use in the transmission of a DC 29D?

    What brand of hydraulic oil do you use in the transmission of your DC 29D? Does anyone use Hy-Gard?
  169. Bob64

    Changing Fluid on Kubota L3010 Front Axle?

    I am a newbie to TractorByNet. I grew up on a farm long time ago but enjoy the work I can get done around my little 11 acre piece of paradise here in Vermont with a tractor. I own a 2003 Kubota L3010 that I use occasionally for things I couldn't do otherwise so it doesn't get the hours of a...
  170. ponytug

    Notch land leveler

    I am looking for a land leveler to set / reset the camber on some dirt roads, and I came across a land leveler from Notch Manufacturing. These aren't gravel roads, so I am less interested in ripper teeth. Anyone here have any experience with it? It seems like a useful design to be able to...
  171. T

    Tractor and Turf Equipment Tutorials

    Hey guys. Just wanted to share my channel with you. I work as a Turf Mechanic for many years and I'm still learning everyday but I may have some videos to help some people with certain issues on a variety of machines. I also work on Kubota / Case and New Hollands as well. Please subscribe to the...