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yea, your still missing a bit, all the wiring and switches, mount brackets, quick disconnects, zip ties etc, not to mention those sizes don't remotely guarantee they are going to work for each tractor, people are paying for the research and time put into the kit and instructions as well.....

Yeah, your going to need a wire from a fused 12v source going to the solenoid, a ground wire going to a switch and then the solenoid. I probably wouldn’t waste my time with zip ties, probably cough up another $20 for some of these myself.


The FEL probably has QD fitting on it, remove them and put them on the ends of the short hoses from above. That goes to the center ports on the solenoid and back to where they were on the tractor. The 3/8” NPT hose ends that are now bare on the FEL go to one side of the solenoid and your long hoses go to the other and run up front. While your drilling and tapping holes for your hose mount, do 4 more to mount the solenoid to the FEL.

You will need to get what ever QD fittings you want up front. That would depend on what they put on the attachment you use. Also worth noting that first kit linked doesn’t have any of the auxiliary hoses/fittings. So even with a kit, you might have to source some things yourself.

If the hydraulics hoses you are tying into are not already 3/8 NPT, you would want to order different fittings.
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Have you checked Summit Hydraulics? I bought a complete 3rd function kit for under $600, but that was for a a Kubota LX2610.
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Curious question...
Why the diverter or third function expense? Wouldn't a $125 3-spool valve do the same thing? (close the grapple top)

My 35 year old Ford has a pretty wiggly and tired 2-spool, and I was thinking a 3-spool valve could do the same thing.
(hydraulics newbie here)