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Jan 13, 2011
SW Michigan
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For a while I've wanted a wood shed instead of just stacking firewood, but it's hard to justify spending money on a wood shed. From other projects I"ve collected a lot of salvage that I needed to get rid of so I came up with this idea. I have a lot of retainer wall blocks from some landscaping I ripped out. Part of my cedar deck went bad and I replaced it with composite, but I saved the better portions of the cedar. When I rebuilt a bridge I salvaged some treated lumber including some doubled 2x12s over 14 feet long.

I laid a foundation of concrete block, topped by 4x4s. I ripped down some of the 2x12s to make posts, beams and joists. I used the cedar decking for various other parts, including the roof and the roof joists. I reused a lot of deck screws I pulled out of the old deck but I did buy a box of deck screws and a box of galvanized nails. I also bought some rock to fill under the floor to discourage the groundhogs from taking up residence. Cost came in about $50 but I may splurge on a gallon of waterproofing for the roof.

shed1.jpg shed2.jpg shed3.jpg shed4.jpg shed5.jpg
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Very nice wood crib... put some stain on it and a hammock and I'll move in!
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Very nice job! Love the look and the fact that you were able to recycle materials.
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That's nice and a good way to be thrifty, give me some ideas for my own wood shed also! Now you just need to fill her up! LUTT
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Awesome! I have a nice pile of used treated wood that I need to do something with..........
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Great Job. The only problem is that whenever I am just about ready to reduce my pile of leftover building materials that are stored in my shed a successful project like this shows up and further cements in my mind the need to keep every one them. Of course the pile gets bigger every year but seeing this wood shed should set in motion a similar project at my place. We will have to see if I get it done but in the meantime I can pat myself on the back knowing I made the right decision not to throw out any left over piece.
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Nice job, that looks great!!!!

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Very nice. I wish I had the talent to turn a scrap wood pile into something so nice and useful.



You probably do. Scrap is pretty forgiving. :)

Seriously, when I built my first project (a 10 x 10 storage shed) I was 20 and had no idea how little I knew. I've built a lot of things over the last 45 years and made mistakes on every one of them. However, to the best of my knowledge all of them (including the first one) are still standing.
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Beginners can learn by trying. Using recycled materials makes it easier to live with the learning curve, too.
Look at the first couple of pages of this thread to see how many building mistakes a neophyte can make (and using brand new materials, too!).
Build to Fail, Fail to Build. What is this I don't even.....

By the way, this has become known as the "Shed of Doom" and is purportedly still standing more than a year after it was put together.