After market cutting edge?

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No prob; I've always been curious about anything I don't know about, and a really good memory tends to keep that info available (sometimes :=) - but looking back, probably the LONGEST "delay" in learning I'm aware of was about 47 YEARS :oops:

I have a few gear pullers, some I've had since I was 19 - one of those had these weird threads on the pusher bolt which would only thread into the spreader in ONE direction - a closer look (back then) showed me why - one side of the threads was at 90 degrees to the bolt axis, the OTHER side was where ALL the angle of threads happened - didn't take too long to understand that made it stronger on the "push", where it was needed...

Slow forward to just before I retired (almost 10 years ago) - I was running an ll man rotating maintenance crew (including me) and FINALLY got around to asking one of my machinists (on his last week before retiring, and irritable at having to wait) if that thread profile had a name - he looked at me like I was an idiot, and said "those are Buttress threads - I thought you instrumentation types "knew everything" -

I've always been sort of a smart-azz, so of course I replied, "NOW I do, thanks..."

That got a laugh out of him, so that day we BOTH won... Steve