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Jul 5, 2005
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Well I called on my 180 tonight when I really needed help with an unusual project. My little friend and buddy of 10 years had been sick for 17 days now. (My cat), I had to put her down Monday night and it killed me to do it, she died in my hands. I needed to get her out of the down stairs freezer, of course she was all wrapped up and in an air tight container. I took off the plow hooked up the Toothbar and shovel and took the PT out into the edge of the woods on the back side of my property. It really did great. The 4x4 ran over small trees and went through the snow and mud.

I snapped off at least 20 or more 2 inch + roots, while digging down about 2 or more feet in the frozen clay ground. The cab I built kept me dry except at the end when I had to do a little hand shovel work. The two 55 Watt halogens lit up the whole forest. I know the neighbor closest to me must have thought I was burring my wife or something, with all of the lights and digging. Anyway it was sleeting and raining non stop, but I got her all tucked in thanks to that little machine. Couldn't have done it with out the PT. I’m really going to miss that little girl she was special /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif
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My condolences to you. That is without a doubt one of the most difficult things we must do in life. I've been there more times than I care to remember but I feel it is part of an unspoken agreement we make with our pets when we get them. They let us know when it is time and they'll be there waiting for us when it is our time.

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I too have layed to rest a few pets with my PT. I got them in the ground a little deeper and a little safer that if i were using a shovel. Hate to here about you cat. One of my pets was a well loved cat.
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A couple of years ago my son had a very special Lab. He named her Matey. One day he took Matey for a ride in his Jeep. When they returned home, he put Matey in the fence. Matey was full of energy, way beyond most Labs I'd seen. This dog would load up in my pick up before I dropped the tail gate, and she'd be in the boat before we launched it. That kind of dog. One in a lifetime.

Only moments after my son put Matey in the fence, she saw a squirrel in the yard across the street. She hit the fence gate and knocked it open. My son hadn't secured it properly. With boundless energy, Matey pursued the squirrel. A car met her as she crossed the street, breaking her neck. My son lifted her in his arms, tears streaking his cheeks, and blood staining his clothes. He dug her grave with a shovel. When his mom asked if she could help, he answered, "No Mom, this is something I have to do myself."

My son didn't become a man that day, but he sure took a few steps closer. Some lessons come hard. At least your pet lived a long, good life. Still, it's hard to let them go. My old dog is fifteen years old now. On Thanksgiving day I found out she was deaf. I took her the traditional ham bone after our big feast. She ignored me, I thought, as I approached her. I didn't realize for sure what was wrong untill she jumped when I startled her. She didn't hear my whistles or me calling her name. Dangit! She's been a good old dog though. I guess fifteen years is a pretty good run for a dog. The good news though is that if she wasn't deaf, she still looks pretty darned good. Maybe she'll go another few years.

I know the worst part is saying goodbye, but remember the dance that led up to it.

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Thanks fellows. If anyone would have told me I could get this attached to a cat I would have laughed. She was a stray kitten someone tossed out in the dead of winter one year. She was living out in the back yard of a townhouse in the snow. I took her in. This was before I met the wife.

Funny how these little four legged creatures crawl up into your heart. Luckily I have two great dogs an Aussie and an Aussie Beagle. The day I had to take her up to put her down, I found the cat curled up in one of my old sweat shirts in my office. She has never gone in there before she knew that's where I go after I get home. Like you said Jfh28 she was waiting for me and telling me I am tired and it is time. /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif
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Yes the PT did dig a deeper hole. It would have taken me much longer to do it by hand on a nice day that is. I love this 180 it does anything I need it to do. That said, this is where a backhoe would have cut the time in half and really shinned. /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif
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Sorry to hear about your son's dog Marlowe. I know that was hard to watch. 15 years wow, I hope your present dog stays in good health and is with you for a long long time. /forums/images/graemlins/ooo.gif
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Barryh....hope the next PT job is a more enjoyable one!! We've had many pets of all sorts...most lived a "normal" amount of favorite dog died way too early(only 7) and that was almost 10 years ago...I still miss her and can still gets tears in my eyes at times over her as I mutter "darn dog"!....but we'll always have 2 dogs and who knows what else(currently cats and horses too). It's the joy and memories they they give us that helps us overcome the sorrow of letting them go.
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Marlowe...we have a 14 yr old dog(Buddy) that is now a "clap on" dog....almost totally deaf but can still recognize the sound of clapping hands. Has a tough time getting up every now and then but still enjoys a ride in the wheel barrow! /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif He wanted to get in the PT bucket one day for a ride but I didn't want to risk it.
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Sorry to hear about your cat.
Glad to hear your PT worked well for you. That was some mess we had last night and this morning. I went out and cleaned the SUV off. I let it run for quite sometime and still had to chip off over 1/2 inch of ice. I bet the roads up your way are quite bad.