Another thread for my 1510



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Aug 2, 2020
Newholland 1720
Hey all thanks for helping me get my 1510 running I have another issue i was thinking you guys could help out with it was involved in a rollover and whatever secures the front axle to the frame has been replaced with sloppy drilled holes and really long bolts this allows the front axle to walk all over the place and I was thinking id get the welder out and fix it...ive looked at some diagrams but was hoping maybe a 1510 owner could post me a few pictures. Or maybe ill just sell it i dunno feeling im feeling froggy at the moment

Ps heres a pic its rough i know i bought it for the backhoe thats going on my 1720 and i paid 2k so i dont think i did too bad 20200805_180028.jpg20200801_162407.jpg