Anyone pull logsplitter on highway?

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Sep 23, 2014
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I'M needing to pull a new log splitter 200 miles on the highway. Average speed around 70mph. The splitter states 45 mph max. Is this kind of like the uhaul trailers you see going 70-80 that have the 45 mph sticker on back? Of course there's no lights, but can easily see truck lights. I'd add a red flag or something to butt end too. Any experiences by anyone pulling at that speed??
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I replaced the wheels on mine that were the low speed type with no hubs. I installed hubs and then 13" tires and wheels. Pulled it many times 65 mph. Danger would depend on width of the splitter. If is narrow it will get squirrely going 70 - 80. When I go that far to my cabin I put the splitter on my trailer and run down the road that way. No worries.
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Depends on the splitter. I think when you see the splitter, you will probably realize if it would be suicide to tow at 70mph. Most of them have no suspension, narrow track, small tires, and are completely in your blind spot. I would never tow one of them -- you can look at them and realize it would be an accident waiting to happen. It would have to be large and have a suspension and big tires before I would begin to consider it.

When I bought a new splitter last spring, I made sure it was un-assembled and still in the crate, so it was easy to load in my pickup truck to get home. Even if it was assembled, I would load it into the bed and tie down rather than tow. None of the splitters I looked at would survive a highway tow, or if they did, it would be super risky and not worth the attempt. So I'd say bring a trailer with a rear gate, or bring ramps and a come-along so you can load it into a truck bed.
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I tow mine across town, but never on the highway. The splitter tows terrible. It bounces around, you can forget about backing it, and is completely in your blind spot.
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I know people that have done it short distances of ten to 20 miles and have gone around 50 to 60 mph without any problems. No way would I even try to do something that far. Those wheels and axles will overheat and melt before you make it half way. Rent a trailer and save yourself all the grief of dealing with trying to fix it on the side of the highway.
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I bought a 22 ton splitter from TSC. I loaded it on my trailer for the 10 mile, 45 mph speed limit trip home. No way was I gonna tow it. It's bad enough towing it with my tractor. Backing up is a treat.
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Thanks for the replies and advice. I suspected some of the answers. I've ramped it up into the bed of truck. Backed truck to steepest bank & laid on ramps. Then pulled splitter around to ramps with mower to get up hill & line up with ramps. It pushed in pretty easy. Put every strap I had on with it standing up so it won't shift and break out back truck window.
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I tow mine around the house with the mule. I can back it like a pro with the mule, but it is hopeless trying to back it with a vehicle.
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Yea. I've tried a short distance with truck. No luck. I've found my 30' trailer is easier to back than the 18'. The shorter the trailer the harder to back.
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Towed mine to brother's place last Saturday... normally I just move it around my place.

Went the back way and never above 45 and no issues for 30 miles.

Tow vehicle was my Samurai which provided excellent rear view so I could always see it... that is why I drove the Samurai.

Speed and road conditions would be my concern... it towed like a dream on the repaved sections of highway.

Before I bought mine... I would occasionally rent and I'm sure the rental splitter has seen a lot of miles as sometimes it would be reserved 2 weeks in advance..