Are you this old?

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Oct 16, 2010
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Are you old enough to remember the connection?

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Old enough to remember milking cows so we had milk to drink!
And then making butter and cheese from the whole milk. Good memories
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In my childhood, Mr Morgan - the milkman - rolled up every morning and filled the empty saucepan which had been left on the front steps the night before!

Health Departments would be in apoplexy now!!! (But I'm still here...)
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Damn,I’m old.
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As a kid in PA, I remember the “Beverage Truck” coming around about once a week and they would deliver beer cases directly into the house. Picked up the empties for “refilling”.

There were also a number of Italians in the neighborhood who made wine. A semi would come around and deliver crates of grapes to numerous houses. The collective group only had one grape press and an old wheel barrow with a steel wheel and you could tell when one was done and was moving the press to the next user by the sound of the wheel barrow going down the alley.

The whole neighborhood smelled like a winery for a week or 2.