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I picked cotton by hand and plowed a mule in the tobacco fields. Some of my 45s required a nickel.
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And if you grew up on a farm a lot of it got used.
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My next door neighbor burned coal to heat their home
(we had removed our coal furnace in 1950, and replaced it with a Bryant gas furnace)

When I became a teenager (probably 13) that neighbor that burned coal,, also delivered coal.
EXCEPT, he had a dump truck, not a method to use a chute,,

Well, the neighbor would get several boys in the neighborhood to shovel the coal on the basement window of the customer.

We would get to ride to the mine, see the coal loaded, then after he dumped the coal on the sidewalk,
it was our job to shovel the coal in the window.

I remember the coal being not too heavy, I could shovel the 10 foot dump truck load in the window in about an hour.
My guess,, it was only a ton, or so,, those poor customers could not afford much,, at a time.

Then, when we were all done, he would pick us up (usually three of us) and sometimes, he would take us for a sub sandwich,,

We got paid something like $1 for shoveling the entire load,,
That was actually good money, older teens , like 17 YO, were only earning $0.50 to $0.75 per hour.

I NEVER remember ANY customer ever coming out while I was working,,
I always thought that was strange,,

That was only on Saturdays,, during the week, that guy picked up trash from several business locations.
Before trash compacter trucks, trash was hauled by a C60 Chevy with a 10 foot dump body.

Probably in the mid 1960's, he bought a gas furnace for his home,
then he bought a trash compacter truck, also,,