Are you this old?

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I never take the cart to the carousel; just leave it against the post by the handicap parking spot, out of the way of anyone parking, of course. When I park in a handicap spot, I love it when there is a cart sitting right there so I have something to hold onto walking into the store. I see people all the time park, whether in handicap spot or not, walk right by carts without touching them to go into the store and get a cart there. I don't understand it.
I often will grab a stray cart and either drag it inside or to the carousel; especially if they are someplace where it looks like they might get run over. I never use one though... it's a way of controlling my grocery bill.
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I found a single 8 track cassette in the back of a cupboard a little while back. Haven't had a machine for
45 yrs.
Probably very collectable just because of what's on it.
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68 Mustang Convert has Beach Boys Endless Summer 8 track stuck in the slot but plays when key on.
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I have an '80 plastic Chevy in my barn with an 8-track player but all my tapes are cassettes.
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Not me, I'm a night owl. I rarely go to bed before midnight, a lot of times not until 2:00AM or so. I get up about 9:00AM as there is nothing important enough that I have to get up early, except for breakfast at Tony's on Saturday morning at 8:00AM.