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Oct 16, 2010
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2011 MF 2410 TLB
My GC 2410 has done jobs that push its limits before and breaking granite from this wall was just another challenge. I did succeed in pulling 4 attached pieces from the wall but this last one took a tooth out.

It looks like the tooth is welded. Does anyone have a source where I can order another tooth? btw, this little guy is amazing.


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If it were mine, I'd just weld a piece of sharpened 1/4" plate on where it broke off. I would use the 6013 tempering rods they sell at TSC.
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those look like they are replaceable, shank is welded on tooth slips over. tractor supply may have them.
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When you get a replacement tooth make sure you get the lock pin as well. Most likely the lock pin worked itself out and you haven't actually broken anything.
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Pix, check with your dealer or a Bobcat dealer. I know them as a "fabricated" tooth. The little (Woods) backhoe I had had them and the tooth covers you are looking for are not pinned on. They were held on by hammering the side of the cover into a small detent on the shank. Not that great of a set up, I tack welded mine on & would still loose them. What ever you find, the fit to the shank on the bucket is the most important.
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Thanks for all your responses guys. It does now seem like the tooth slides on without a pin and I will replace it and look at a way to tack or pin it.
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They might be the same on my MF backhoe. H&L 00 Weld on / crimp on. I replaced 4 on my Backhoe, I ordered and got them in 2 days.