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I've wondered what the Nashville Kioti/TYM dealer says when a customer asks which brand to buy?
I know what a Kioti/Yanmar said. Don’t get a NX series, we haven’t had good luck with them. Yanmar is ok, we’ve had better luck with Kioti
Guess it’s gonna depend on how PC/honest they are
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Funny I tried a search for Bad Boy and came up with no results but did find this thread 🤔

Anyway, so looks like TYM owns Kukje, they make Branson, Branson no longer a brand, and identical tractors rebranded as Bad Boy.

I'm a little confused by their 2 subcompact models 1022 and 1025, the 1025 has larger tires and looks like a compact, although they label it subcompact. Looks interesting though.

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Subcompacts are usually up to 25 HP and weight up to about 2000 lbs. TYM's smallest compacts are right around 3000 lbs.

It looks like the 1022 is a TYM T224 with R3 turf tires (12 inch).

The 1025 looks to be a 2400 with R4 Industrial tires. This tractor uses 16.5 inch tires.

The 2400 is a couple of hundred pounds heavier 1400 ish vs 1600 ish and has a couple of extra HP.

It is a bigger machine, but not class compare, the T25 by TYM is almost 1900 lbs with ROPs and can be purchased with a cab pushing it over 2000 lbs. It uses 16.5 inch R2 or 17.5 inch R4.
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Yeah, it's odd, but Branson/Bad Boy have the 2400h/2025 in the lineup, which legacy TYM did not. So placing it as a subcompact places it below their entry level compact. Or some such nonesense.
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The 2400 and 2601 both fit in the middle to upper end of TYM subcompacts. The T25 is bigger. It's about another 1000 lbs or so before you get to the T394 or 15 series.

Even before the merger, I didn't understand TYM making so many different subcompact machines.
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I would expect the 2400 and 2610 to be on the chopping block in the short term; when Branson last updated them all they got was new sheet metal, the level of comfort is... dated.
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I don't disagree. I think TYM had the better subcompact offerings. If I were them, I would keep the T25 and update the T224 (T18?) so they would have a little sub and a big sub. Maybe give some options. Hard for me to think about those as I didn't have a need for something like that.

I would keep the 15 Series, but maybe make 3 steps. 25, 35, 45 (I don't see much use in the 30 or 42 HP versions). Focus those as the 'workhorse' line. I would probably match them with the 394/474 and maybe add a 25 or 30 HP version. Those become the 'comfort' line (or whatever).

As I have said before, I think the 20 series and the 494/574 are close enough that they could merge the best of both lines and own that market. They would effectively have a 35 or 40 HP version, the 48 and 55. I would probably try to get them all about 10 HP apart. 40, 50, 60? They already have a 58 hp version of basically the same engine in the 5835.

Rework the 454/554 concept. They are supposed to be the 'deluxe' models but don't really have any deluxe features unless you prefer a Yanmar engine. Kick these up to include everything but the kitchen sink. If you want to work with Yanmar, get their transmission for them. I'd also make these drastically better looking. The black versions that @ptsg has shown or something. These should be every bit of what K or J or anyone else puts out there and priced just a wee bit less. They could literally use the same components and still be cheaper due to lower labor costs. Also need a 60 HP or so version.

The 5835 is listed in the 3 series, but it is more like a 4 series. Maybe it shares the frame with the 4 series but has the 58 HP TYM engine and offers ROPs and Cab versions. Then you would have trio of hard working utility tractors with about 10 HP separating them as well.

With the 5 series, I would add a 90 or 95 HP 'entry level' big tractor to go with the 111 and the 130. These must be every bit of what commercial guys like HayDude use as well as more traditional farmers who stay on their own place.

How does all of this relate to Bad Boy? I'd make them orange versions of everything except the deluxe 3 series models. (Same with RK..though I would personally like to see the RK stuff have a more distinct color difference). Tie in the Bad Boy logos more. Definitely keep the black wheels.
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I see. Never knew some other brands had SO many models and still calling them subcompacts. As you guys have stated, looks like the Bad Boy 1025 and the TYM T25 are similar. I would think that Yanmar engine would be more desirable.

Bad Boy and TYM Tractors 2023.jpg
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I see. Never knew some other brands had SO many models and still calling them subcompacts. As you guys have stated, looks like the Bad Boy 1025 and the TYM T25 are similar. I would think that Yanmar engine would be more desirable.

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Look at specs, not so much pictures...

A couple of quick differences that tell me they are not the same... HP is slightly different, they should match. Fuel tank is very different. 6.6 gal on the T25, only 5.8 on the 1025. It is much more likely a T254. Same fuel tank size, same weight. Some differences will be rounding and such. 99% sure the 1025 BB is not a T25.

If pictures help...this is a T254