Bad Day for Pole Barn

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Jan 13, 2011
SW Michigan
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Yesterday I found a tree on my pole barn. It was actually on my neighbors property. I noticed it was dead last year and thought about suggesting we take it down. It would have been tight to get it between our barns, but I wish we had tried now. I have to call the insurance company but I think I will probably take it off myself since it's hard to get tree services on short notice. It doesn't look likely to roll or twist on me. Since I have a ceiling and insulation, I can't tell if there is structural damage but it looks like one or two purlins might be broken.


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Dang it.... Looks like it possibly missed the lower purlin and just caved in the metal??? Hope so!!!!

Let us know how you get it off and what you ended up with in damages. :(
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not a ideal way to start a week. 😕
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In my Insurance World an adjuster comes, offers a cost to repair, we negotiate and come to terms, Insurance writes a check for that amount, I'm on my own.

I've never tried to make the insurance company fix my damage. Maybe I'm missing something? :)
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it looks like a crane assist job to me
Certainly the safest way to do it. If the OP has access to a large enough piece of equipment (excavator, wheel loader, large skid steer etc) the job could be done with that. Trying to get it down without something big enough to hold it up is asking for damage to the wall of the building. I did tree work like this for 20 years, FWIW.
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I agree with the others that if you're going to claim it on your insurance, don't touch it until the adjuster comes out and takes a look at it and they give you the go ahead to get it removed or even remove it yourself. There've been many stories over the years about people fighting with insurance about such issues. Good luck. Hopefully it isn't too much internal damage.
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If you bring in a piece of equipment to help, make sure you run over that damn mole hill at the corner of your building a few hundred times. LOL

Good luck

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