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Hi ;)

While mowing along a hedge last week, my Berta again picked up a string of barbed wire from an old fence. That’s one of the risks when mowing in tall vegetation in unfamiliar terrain, but luckily the flail mower is not that sensitive to fence wire. This time there was no damage done, but this is how one of the flails looked after an earlier encounter with barbed wire:


Due to the latest incident I wanted to check the mower thoroughly as I got home, and at the same time give the mower a good wash down. As I noticed the wear on the „Anti-Scalp Skids“, I thought that I would post this little update on the topic.

I got the skids last summer as mentioned in post #74, and since then used them for around 20 working hours. It is of course difficult to tell for sure whether they help or not, but looking at the wear of the skids, I think they do:


The photo is of the right-hand side skid, and it clearly shows that especially the rear part of the skid has taken some abuse. I feel that the flail mower „floats“ better since it got the skids, and it follows the terrain better, leading to hardly any scalping.

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