Best Chainsaw Sharpner?

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Nov 2, 2014
Laplata, MD
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While I have always sharpened my saws manually with files, is there a better way for my occasional-use saw?

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I'd stick with the file for occasional use saw chains.
That works for me even though I have an expensive Oregon sharpener set was given to me
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I have an electric one, kind of like a dremell. Mine runs off a 12 volt battery with little jumper cables. I only use it when the chain is really bad, I normally hand file.
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I use a Sthil 2-in-1 sharpener. It's a 'manual' filing thingy that's very easy to use and gets the angle correct.

There are videos on its use via Google/YouTube.
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I've had good luck with the Husqvarna Roller sharpener

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This one looks interesting

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I have a Timber Tuff electric for the really abused chains but a couple years ago I bought a Pferd
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I have Timberline, not really satisfied with it, works ok with teeth facing away but not so good when teeth are facing towards the carbide, when they are the cabide like to push the tooth because the link holder on other side is not high enough to on the link rivets then the riets ride on top of the link holder cause the carbide to jam or not go in the tooth cutter.



I prefer the Grandberg sharpener, once on the bar it does a really good job fast.


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I have several different ones, but the only one I use is my Oregon grinder, I've had it for MANY years.

I REALLY like it, in fact I sharpened a chain with it today, it always does a GREAT job.