Bolt on bucket teeth

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It's all together now but not tested yet.






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Looks gooder-un :thumbsup:
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So when I dont need the short forks I want them handy when I do, this place will work til I have another brain storm.


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Looks gooder-un :thumbsup:

Thanks, would you know why the (insert image) all of a sudden wont work for me anymore? I click on choose files like I always did and it goes to my pictures, but now when I click on upload file(s) nothing happens and the upload box goes away.
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Worked for me earlier. I will try a picture of my bolt on bucket teeth, bolted on:

P3180020 Bkt c.jpg

Picture upload worked on my computer using Chrome.
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Certainly looks like you will be able to tackle most any job now. I have a Rankin tooth bar bolted on my bucket. Hmmmm - unable to upload pic at this time.
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I have Chrome to but pictures still wont upload for me, oh well imgur still works.

I see you guys tooth bars has 8 teeth, I think I should've added one or two more teeth on my bar to, be easier to manipulate 6" rocks better. I could make another one with 8, that will be around $600.00 in tooth bars, ouch, on second thought this one works good for now, I should done this 10 years ago.
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How did you get that piece of leaf spring to stick to the softer steel? The one time that I tried that I failed miserably. Luckily I was just trying to make an ice chisel so wasn't out much...
Of course you've also welded more this month than I have in my entire life.
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I tacked with 70 mig wire, welded with stick in this case 1118 rods but 70 is enough and dont add water, 6011 will not work. I'm almost out of truck spring to so if anyone finds their truck's rear end on the ground you'll know why.