Bolts To Studs On BX Front Axle

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Every time I have to remove and remount a tire/sheel on the front of my BX I curse them for using bolts instead of studs. So, I bought a 12" piece of 9/16" X18 threaded rod and lug nuts to replace them. I cut the rod into eight 1 1/2" long pieces and cleaned up the threads on the ends and made sure the nuts threaded on freely. This afternoon, I picked up the front of the tractor and pulled each wheel and installed the studs with a liberal amount of blue Loctite, let it set up, applied some antisieze to the threads and bolted the wheels back on. Now I can just line up the studs and holes, slip the wheel on and torque down the nuts with no profane language.
Yes, I see the bulge in the sidewall of the tire, it's coming back off on Monday and will be replaced.

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That's a good fix. I had a similar problem on my BX255D with the bolts on the rear wheel constantly loosing up, don't know why. Anyway, the threads in the axle were striped, so I just drilled out the axle holes with 1/2" bit, and used grade 8 bolts and locknuts.