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I am lucky. My podiatrist was a friend before he was my Dr. In many cases, you can get the same relief from over-the-counter inserts. The price difference is huge. Every situation is different.

Good advice you got on removable inserts. Some orthotics will not fit otherwise.
Whether over the counter or fitted from the podiatrist, are more or less expensive depends a lot on how good your insurance coverage is.

Younger Brother spent a bunch of money ($500) buying inserts from some company advertising on TV and working out of storefronts in strip malls. Feet still hurt. I finally convinced him to see a podiatrist.

His health insurance covered the office visit, and all but $60 of the new inserts. They worked, and his feet quit hurting.
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jyoutz -- I know my feet have changed over time. Gravity and my body weight have made my feet wider and longer. They have always been wide ( Norwegian fat foot ) but now - just a bit more so.
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jyoutz -- I know my feet have changed over time. Gravity and my body weight have made my feet wider and longer. They have always been wide ( Norwegian fat foot ) but now - just a bit more so.
Yeah, that’s why I remeasure before ordering new boots.
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The custom made boots such as White and Nick are the best fitting for most people and provide more support and protection from injury. In my case Nick sent me a try-on pair of boots to check the fit after sending in measurements.
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I have broken the left one twice. It is now a size larger, and a D instead of a B width. Which means custom, bespoke boots, or special order RedWings. So far as I know RedWing is the only pre-made boot place, which will let you special order, a pair of mismatched boots. We had a guy here in town, who left Nick‘s, to move here, so his wife could help with her Mother, when she was headed downhill. He had a shop here in town for about 25-years.

He retired two years ago, and I don’t trust the guy who bought it from him to make a new pair. Not sure I trust him to repair the ones I have.
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We have a cobbler in town. He has done some good work on repairs. Do they still make custom shoes?
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I believe that both Nick and White will make boots to match different size for left and right foot
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Late to this but I have just gone through fitting about 7 different brands of boots to get a new pair. Ended up with Crispi's Guide. One of the most comfortable boots I have ever put on my feet. If you don't want or need the height of the Guide try the Nevada.

Expensive but worth it IMO. Try and use stores with generous return policy makes it much easier but its still time consuming.
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There has been several discussions here about boots and what are the best boots to buy. Most of the boots recommended do not necessarily fit your foot in the best way but is a way of selling boots with a fit that hopefully can sell them.
One aspect that is not talked about much is the arch under your foot. Having the arch in the sole fit your foot makes for a much more comfortable boot and will distribute the weight evenly under the foot. In my case the arch on the Nick boots fits perfectly resulting in comfortable boots after a long day of walking and standing. Check the below link if you are interested in learning more.
Do I need high arch boots? - Nicks Boots - YouTube › watch
I have two pairs of Nicks'. The oldest pair I had a complete factory rebuild. Mine are custom ordered and not off the rack. If you don't mind the process of getting custom fitted for a pair of real leather handmade boots, you can't go wrong. My original bootmaker was a guy in Portland Oregon and he made me six pairs. I still have one. He died fifteen or so years ago. You can always beat price but never beat quality.

If you are gonna spring for pair of this caliber foot ware, I recommend going to one of their agents and having them measure you up. I bought my Nicks through Bakers' Boots, Eugene Oregon after having Whites screw up TWO orders.
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I swear by Dr Sholl's inserts. I realize this is a "generic" solution so will not work for everyone, but it will work for lots of people. Start there. Then think about custom inserts or custom built shoes.

Obviously if you are having serious pain issues go see a doctor.