Branson 3510i suddenly cut off.

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Nov 29, 2009
Branson 3510
I was using my 3510i about 2 hrs ago, and it suddenly quit, like I had turned the switch off. Now it will turn over, but won’t run. I replaced the fuel filter (it was time anyway), bled the air out, and it still won’t run. I also cracked two different injector lines to see if there was an air lock - still nothing. A very small amount of air came out of the first injector, nothing from the other, and no fuel either. The fuel pump is working. Will any of the safety switches still allow it to turn over but not crank? Or will the injector pump very suddenly stop pumping?
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this sounds like the fuel stop solenoid on the fuel injection pump, when you energize the key it retracts a stopper pin that when not powered blocks the flow of fuel through the fuel injectors, if this has failed it will not allow fuel through the fuel injectors and into the engine. creating your issue of turn over but not starting


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Thanks so much for your response. That fits the symptoms perfectly! Unfortunately, I had to leave my tractor about 2 1/2 hrs away and won’t be able to check the solenoid for a couple of weeks. I’ll let you know if that’s the problem.
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Hopefully it was just a stick that pulled the wires out and it's an easy fix. Also check the fuses while you're at it.
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I’m finally back to my tractor, and I can find no wiring problems and the fuses are all good. I’m gonna try to pull it off and check it if I can. Is there a way to temporarily bypass it? I can’t find a solenoid for my particular tractor online, so I guess I’ll have to call the dealer (shudder!). Based on similar parts from other models, it’s gonna be expensive if I have to replace it!
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I can’t test it if I can’t get it out. I’ve moved everything I can move but still can’t get a wrench on it. There is a piece directly above the solenoid that is in the way, but has a do not tamper type of cover over it. I’m reluctant to rip the cover off and remove the piece to gain better access (socket from the top) because I don’t know what it is or does. Asteral, it’s inside the circle on the diagram you sent. Any ideas what it is? And is there anything I need to know about the removal of the stop solenoid?
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There is a link to the service manual for your tractor at the bottom of this post. There is a small section for the solenoid but some good information about the pump in the engine section.

The part you are asking about is the fuel adjustment and you do not want to mess with that. The solenoid should have enough clearance to slip out best I can tell. You will need an open end wrench to remove it. A socket will not work.

There is some test you can do without removing the solenoid but the likely symptom would be tractor starts but will not shut off with the key switch. In this case the thought would be the plunger failed to retract after power is removed from the coil.

Be careful removing anything else from the pump. Many of these thing require special care and calibration to get back correctly.

Good luck!

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The first time I had solenoid problems, the tractor had sat while I replaced hyd.pump that operated equipment, the pump in front was good and like you tractor was in the field. The fuel solenoid price was too much. I found right size wrench ground and shaped it to make a thin wall so it would fit, then pried very carefully between solenoid and fuel adjustment to fit wrench and removed solenoid,put new one on.
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It happened again and unfortunately I didn’t check fuse first, and it was fuse, but I needed to replace old brittle wire, I have a good solenoid.this is easier to remove 1/4” nut , I set up two mirrors so I could see nut ,now in progress of removing nut and wire, hope this works.