Branson 3510i suddenly cut off.

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I can’t test it if I can’t get it out. I’ve moved everything I can move but still can’t get a wrench on it. There is a piece directly above the solenoid that is in the way, but has a do not tamper type of cover over it. I’m reluctant to rip the cover off and remove the piece to gain better access (socket from the top) because I don’t know what it is or does. Asteral, it’s inside the circle on the diagram you sent. Any ideas what it is? And is there anything I need to know about the removal of the stop solenoid?
Just an idea remove fuel filter assembly then remove the do not remove part (that's the adjuster but it can be removed with wrench) you should now be able to get thin wrench on fuel shut-off solenoid, another little advice do you see connecting to throttle DO NOT REMOVE, i made that mistake, you mess up Bosch Ve fuel pump, my brother finally got it right. When you remove any of these parts watch for springs, small nuts,washers, o-rings. Now you can test fuel solenoid. You will need 12 v from battery, put clip on positive side of battery and probe on top where wire goes, you should here a click from solenoid if it is working. the solenoid operates using magnets. I also learned from first to buy a set of thin wrenches, the first time I ground down regular wrenches, for 20 on Amazon.
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Here are pictures of location of fuel shut off solenoid. It is directly under adjustment valve, you will need to remove adjustment valve before you can remove fuel shut off solenoid valve.this is same as yours,mine is 2910i. Maybe this helps


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