Branson 4820H filter cross reference?

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Dec 18, 2021
I know there are a couple threads here… but they are just running conversations, not truly cross references.
My tractor uses the EA00004647A for engine oil. I can buy it from my dealer I’m sure. But, is there a good cross reference? I picked up a couple gallons of Rotella T6 today. Thanks.

I’ll call the dealer to get a price. Having one shipped is ridiculous ($13)?.
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I can get all three Branson filters from Reed & Reed for $138 shipped, which seems pretty reasonable. I'll still call my dealer on Monday.
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you wont find a direct match to the transmission or hst filters, but don't mistake me you will find ones that fit on there but they wont work, the main reason being the size of the bypass in the hyd and hst filters are very important, and are generally nearly twice the size of the industry standard, if this large bypass is not present in these two filters you will burn up you hydraulic pumps.

I have been searching for an aftermarket option for some of my customer without any luck for nearly 8 years now, i would love to be able to offer an alternate filter for customers but Kukje had those filters under a monopoly making them for their own equipment, hopefully with the merger with tym this is going to change and give us more options for filtration and aftermarket suppliers, but as of now i would recommend sticking to OEM at least on the transmission systems.

Engine is fair game though, if your not sure and don't want to do a lot of hunting you can take the old filters up to NAPA and they can physically measure the threads and get you a matching filter that will fit, just make sure its a good reputable brand( PLEASE DO NOT USE FRAM)
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I'm using a Baldwin BT372-10 for the hydraulic filter (#TA00025525A). I was planing on getting the Mann filter WD 10 007 at first but there wasn't any stock. This is what the Mann Filter finder tool lists for my tractor.

So far I have no issues with this Baldwin filter. Although I can't say anything in cold weather because it doesn't get really that cold over here. I believe the cold weather is where the aftermarket filter issues arise and I've read that people in cold climates had starvation issues in cold weather because of the aftermarket filters.