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Mar 10, 2002
Central Ohio
Some questions have been posted recently about Branson Tractors. I happened to look at them at the Power Equipment EXPO in KY this past weekend and got a couple of pics for you guys that are interested. They looked solidly built from what I saw.


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Here's a picture of my Branson 2810. It's the smallest one they make. Weights 3,640 lbs. 28HP.


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Like I said, I really liked the Branson. Was looking close at the 4020 but the dealer would'nt deal. He was asking 16,900 for the unit w/ an ALK35 loade.

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Nice looking machine, who makes it for branson?

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I drove the 4020 today and was impressed enough to call long distance to Georgia with some questions not answered by the dealer (he's only had them a few weeks.)

Positives - VERY impressive tractors - full-featured, good fit/finish, handle well, 12/12 synchro shuttle tranny, tilt steering, 3cyl turbo engine, 540/1000 rear pto, draft control, rear work light, canopy are all standard. Loader quick-tach bucket standard.

Negatives - The loader joystick hits the throttle control when moved left. I wear pants with a 33" in-seam, so my legs aren't THAT long, but my knees were even with the steering wheel tilted all the way up. The ROPS is not supposed to be folding, but has a hinge-type joint that looks like it could - but it had two anti-vibration bolts through it. Had horn button but heard nary a beep.

I called Branson and spoke with the service manager and here is what he said: Joystick - He was aware of the problem and they are working on a better loader arm design. He also said they working on a heavier loader. Steering wheel: He said they were so aware of it that he was expecting extenders to arrive tomorrw (11/21/2002)! All newer ones have the longer steering column. ROPS: He said the ROPS wasn't certified by the Feds with a quick-release pin, so they were bolted up. They are working on folding ROPS certification.

Here a prices initially quoted (I haven't negotiated heavily yet):
3520 - 3cyl Kukje, 35hp, 3762lbs, BL20 loader (2094lbs cap.) $16K
4020 - 3cyl turbo Kukje, 40hp, 3795lbs, BL20 loader $16.7
4520 - 4cyl Yanmar, 45hp, 3883lbs, BL20 loader $18.5

I dig 'em! Drove Kioti, Kubota and New Holland today, too. Gonna see Mahindra Friday!

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Honestly, those prices are pretty decent. A dealer is always faced with the dilemma of pricing with enough margin to allow the "negotiation" most people anticipate and enjoy versus pricing rock bottom to attract as much potential customer base as possible. It is something we wrestle with constantly. With the advent of the internet, wherein customers price shop across states and regions, this is even more of an issue. Costs and overhead vary dramatically from place to place, and these affect pricing.
I certainly understand a buyer negotiating for the very lowest price he can get---I do so with my suppliers too. I am just saying please recognize that a dealer does not always have margin to go lower. You reach a certain point where you truly are better of not making the sale (with the premise that you will eventually make the sale at the necessary price--if your product is overpriced in the market to begin with,'re cooked) have to have a certain margin per sale to operate the business. The only time that rule evaporates is in a cash flow crunch.
I would expect to sell the 3520/ldr for 15,900, the 4020/ldr for 16,400, and the 4520/ldr for 18,250, and that would be the rock bottom thingee mentioned above. I am most impressed by the package of the 3510/loader which we expect would sell for 14,750. Also a canopy would add app. $350. I don't believe a canopy is standard equipment, but perhaps it was at some point when that dealer bought units. They are very nice tractors. Kukje has shown serious intent to adapt to our market and put forth a quality product...witness the adaptations re: the steering column. In fact, they have a tech who spends part of the year here working with the importer on just such issues/revisions, and then goes back to Korea to carry those ideas to the factory.
We are impressed enough that we anticipate becoming a Branson dealer in the very near future.
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I appreciate your comments. I recognize that a dealer has to make a profit - I had a retail store for a lot of years. I never begrudge someone for making some bucks off of me/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif.

You seem to have a good attitude. Where are you located? - I'm trying to stay within a couple hour's drive of DC. In addition to other brands, I put out a Request for Proposal to all the Century and Branson dealers within 125 miles - all 4 of them....