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Wayne(LMTC) is not going to be within 125 miles of you.......but I would trust him.

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I'll add my two-cents worth from northern California. I am so impressed with the Bransons that I now have 6 new ones setting beside all my used Yanmars and Iseki's. Our prices, which include tractor and loader, with R1's is as follows: 2810 $13,950, 3510 $14,950, and 4020 $15,950. There is a little wiggle room in there, but not a lot.

Great company, very responsive and friendly management, and a real nice product.

Enough sales pitch...go take a look at one if you have a dealer nearby.
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I emailed Branson and Mark Eubanks, VP, replied very quickly to my concerns. Here's what he had to say:

<font color=red>Dear Mark:

Thank You for your interest in Branson.

The answer to your first question on the Steering Wheel we have an extension that can be added to the tractor which will raise the steering wheel.

Second the jovstick has been changed and we should have the new model out very soon. We will be happy to exchange to the new lever as soon as we receive from our Korean company. This should be soon after the first of the year.

Third, I do not understand this problem since all our unit for over one year have been shipped with a folding ROPS. Please let me know the dealer where you test drove this unit and I will find out the problem.

Fourth, the horn is an option. The unit comes pre wired and the horn can be added by the dealer for a small charge.

Please give me a call if you have any other questions. My cell phone number is 706-346-**** or I can be reached at nights at 706-235-****. You can also call our warehouse office at 877-734-2022 between 8:30AM and 4:30 PM Monday thru Friday eastern time.

Again thank you for your interest and we look forward to you becoming part of the Branson Family.


Mark Eubanks
Branson Tractor Co.
</font color=red>

I'm really glad he replied. I wouldn't have bothered with them except that their products have suddenly become a serious contender in my tractor search.


PS I edited out his home and cell numbers for his privacy.
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Hello LMTC
I am thinking of getting involved with Century (Am. JAWA) Since they appear to be the same tractor (different importer) have you spoken with them? If so what did you think? They also have the Zetors. I have herd they have excellent service and are good to work with.
Good Luck,
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The Century is basically the same tractor but their 50 series loader has a better subframe and remote joystick on the fender. Completely out of the way. We also sell the 30 model Korean loader. It has been improved on but the joystick is still somewhat in the way. The ROP folds. There is a smaller model coming in the spring but there are 5 models available now. Glenn
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I was suprised to see the differences in regional pricing on the Bransons. In Michigan I was quoted $13750 for a F4350 Branson with loader, it has the Yanmar engine. That seems a lot less then the prices you received, but the model numbers don't match?
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The 4350s are probably from the Canadian Importer, Eastern Farm Machinery. If so that could explain the price difference.
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The 4350 is a discontinued model. That explains the pricing. Some, if not all, were 2wd also. Current Branson models are all 4wd.