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Nov 25, 2016
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The Brush Hog SQ172 I got with a piece of property has extremely worn blades. I ordered some blades and bolts. Does anyone know the wrench size of the nut (part number 252BH)?
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No idea of the nut size. However - you best be prepared with a LONG handle breaker bar or impact wrench to get that nut off.

Two years ago. I changed the three blades on my JD 570 riding mower. They had been on the mower five years. I almost herniated myself trying to get the blade bolts loose. That's why I now own an impact wrench. AND a good supply of WD40.
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I have a 1200ft lb air impact wrench on order because the three I have are for automotive use and are not heavy duty enough. I need to get some Kroil penetrating oil too.
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have a Sq600 which is an older version of the current Sq160 Bushhog which is a 5 ft cutter vs your 6 ft. My nut size is 1 11/16. Not sure if both models take the keyed bolts but I would think they are same blade bolts just different blades
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3 years ago I changed out the blades for the first time on my General SE-6 mower (a Rhino clone) after having used the mower for 23 years. So I was surprised when the nuts came off the bolts readily (using my half-inch drive IR impact). 32mm was the size of the socket that fit those nuts.
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I have a circa 1989 Bush Hog SQ72 and the nuts for the blades are also 1 11/16".
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ATF + acetone works well to loosen up stuck bolts for me. Or you can heat the bolts with a torch and let candle wax soak into the threads. But you'll want to clean this stuff off before you reassemble.